Almondia – Bautipps Die Bauherrenberatung
  • Construction diary part 4

    Builders have to make many decisions throughout the construction process. Some are taken from them by specifications in the development plan, others they make themselves through the room layout recorded in the floor plan and the selection of building materials.

  • Construction diary part 7

    Choosing the right construction company is a big step on the way to your own home. In order to keep track of the huge range of potential building partners, builders should be clear in advance about the expansion stage of their future house and whether it should be built of wood or brick.

  • Construction diary part 3

    In this part of our construction diary, we accompany the Steinert family on their search for the right property. The infrastructure of the region, the proximity to family and friends as well as the size and price of the potential property were important. In order to be able to start building the house quickly once the right plot has been found, the building application must be submitted with all the associated documents.

  • Construction diary part 11

    With the help of Almondia, even the final hurdles during the final construction phase can be easily overcome. After choosing the right exterior color and designing the kitchen, nothing stands in the way of the Steinert family moving in.

  • Construction diary part 2

    There are many reasons to decide on a new building. For the Steinert family, the expected addition to the family is decisive. The small family did not want to buy an existing house because renovation work would cost just as much as building a new house.

  • Construction diary part 6

    Financing your future home is one of the most unpopular topics among builders. Nevertheless, construction financing is often the linchpin for a successful house construction. So that everything goes according to plan, builders should also pay attention to hidden costs such as notary fees or real estate transfer tax when calculating the necessary equity and comparing the conditions for a loan.

  • Construction diary part 10

    The foundation stone has been laid and the crucial phase is now beginning for the Steinert family's construction project. For the detailed planning of the house, regular consultation with the construction partner is necessary after the start of construction, for example to agree on the electrical plan, heating connections and the design of the kitchen. In order to avoid errors and consequential damage, the construction company was on site every day during the initial construction phase and monitored the work.

  • Construction diary part 5

    The Steinert family has already given a lot of thought to the desired floor plan of their future home and made drafts of how the room layout should look. To ensure that static and technical aspects are taken into account in addition to aesthetics, our architect from Almondia sat down with you to revise the floor plan again and to finish it for handover to the construction company.

  • Construction diary part 9

    A complete building application includes various documents such as building specifications, technical drawings and reports. The construction plan must also be presented to the neighbors for their approval. In the case of the Steinert family, it took 4 weeks for the building permit to be issued by the municipality. The family received support from their construction partner in compiling the documents required for the building application. Otherwise, builders are welcome to contact Almondia at any time with questions about the building application!

  • Construction diary part 1

    In our construction diary, we accompany the Steinert family throughout the entire construction process. We report on smaller and larger hurdles in the search for the right property, the building application or the building financing and how these could be mastered together with the help of Almondia on the way to your own home.

  • Construction diary part 8

    In this part of the construction diary, the Steinert family deals intensively with the construction contract and the associated specifications. The service description records individual services, the dates for the completion of individual trades and the agreed quality of the services. So that the builders do not incur any further hidden costs during or after construction, they should check the construction contract and the specification for errors or incomplete information, with the Steinert family being supported by Almondia.

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