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Construction diary part 1

The Steinert family wants to build a house. But as simple as it sounds in theory, the planning and construction process is often complex in practice. Anyone dealing with the topic of building a house for the first time and researching construction companies, heating and energy systems or financing on the Internet will quickly realize that the range of offers is very diverse and confusing for most people. But how can you fight your way through the jungle of offers in the most time- and cost-efficient way? For the Steinert family, the answer to this question was: Almondia, your all-round house construction partner. Together with the Almondia house construction experts and financiers, the Steinert family was able to concretize their ideas in a short time, put the draft of their dream house down on paper together with the Almondia planning team and, after the financing concept had been worked out, finally get started with the right construction company.

More construction diary entries

The entire process is documented in this construction diary, from the first considerations about your own house to the search for a plot of land and financing to the signing of the contract and finally moving in. The Steinert family reports on their personal experiences during the entire planning and construction phase and how Almondia supported them. So much in advance: The Steinert family was enthusiastic about the competent advice, the simple planning and construction process and had the feeling that they could fully rely on the Almondia team at all times. These are just a few reasons why the Steinert family can recommend building a house with Almondia to anyone who would like to fulfill their dream of owning their own house in an uncomplicated way. In this construction diary, read for yourself how the Steinert family is getting closer to your dream house and how Almondia is helping you.

Do you also want to build a house?

If you also want to build a house and would like to have a partner at your side that you can rely on one hundred percent, then get in touch with us. The Almondia construction experts will be happy to advise you and help you quickly, easily and free of charge on your way to your dream house.

Autorin Sarah Völkl

Sarah Völkl hat Architektur studiert und ist seit Jahren das Gesicht von a better place. Mit ihren Videos ist sie bei YouTube vielen Personen schon länger bekannt. Sarah teilt Ihr Wissen jetzt auch bei den Bautipps von Almondia.
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