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Construction diary part 10

There are many hurdles to overcome when planning and building a home. Almondia supports future homeowners in all important decisions on their way to their own home. So does the Steinert family. In May, the young family decided to take the exciting step of building a house together with Almondia. In this construction diary, we regularly report on personal experiences, decision-making processes, mastered challenges and Almondia’s support throughout the planning and construction phase. Whether looking for a property, financing concept or room allocation – read here how the Steinert family finds a suitable solution for every challenge together with Almondia. In this post, the start of construction is getting closer and closer…

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After the building permit was in the mailbox and the property was released for development, the day for the start of construction was getting closer and closer. In October 2016 the time had finally come: The foundation stone of the future dream house of the Steinert family was laid.

Start of construction – and finally it starts

Before ECOBAU could set up the construction site, the Steinert family had to take care of the gas and water connections as well as the site electricity supply. Because the preparation of the construction site equipment is also one of the duties of future homeowners, since the corresponding applications can only be made by the property owner himself. Once that was done, nothing stood in the way of the start of construction. Little Oscar in particular was looking forward to the first day of construction. Even before construction began, he had devoured numerous books on the subject of construction and construction machinery and now knew almost more than his parents. (You may also be interested in: How long does it take to build a shell of a house? )

The earthworks are progressing
The earthworks are progressing
The floor slab is laid quickly
The floor slab is laid quickly

On the first day of construction, the three Steinerts all found themselves together on the edge of their property and watched excitedly as the crane and other construction machines were set up and the first earthworks to lay the floor slab were carried out.

“Of course we were excited, after all you don’t experience something like this every day.”

Trust is good, control is better

ECOBAU was not only a great support before the start of construction, but also during the initial construction phase. As part of the construction supervision , the construction company was on site every day and checked the construction progress. Small mistakes were immediately noticed and corrected, for example a wall that was built a few centimeters too high in the shell. ECOBAU regularly contacted the Steinert family, on the one hand to inform them about the construction progress and on the other hand to coordinate the detailed planning. (Builders should insist on fixed dates for the start of construction and completion when negotiating with the construction company.)

Colors, tiles, detailed planning

The shell is growing
The shell is growing…
...and grows.
…and grows.

Among other things, the property developer established contact between the new builders and the electrician in order to coordinate the electrical plan drawn up in advance. Julia and Sebastian Steinert had to think about where exactly the light switches and sockets should be located in their future dream house so that the construction company could already take the corresponding cables into account in the shell construction. The Steinerts were also asked to make decisions about the windows: which wood, which colour, which fittings – all of this had to be considered. A few weeks later there was an appointment with the heating engineer and recently a letter came from the company ECOBAU with the request to announce the planning of the kitchen including floor coverings and tiles by a certain date.

And so the Steinert family will still have to make many small and large decisions in the future, but this should not be a problem thanks to the competent handling of the construction process by the company ECOBAU, which was carefully selected by Almondia. What are Almondia’s tasks during the initial construction phase?

“Due to the fact that the developer was well selected by Almondia, we didn’t need any further support from Almondia in the initial construction phase. However, we know that we could always consult if necessary.”

This is how Almondia helps

We at Almondia have set ourselves the goal of making the often bumpy and unstructured construction process for our customers as smooth as possible. Therefore, we are always available during the entire construction process for questions and problems. If necessary, we will of course also help you with communication and consultation with your construction company. However, since we select our construction partners with the utmost care, you will probably feel like the Steinert family: relieved and satisfied with the smooth start of construction thanks to a professional and competent construction company at your side.

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