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  • Grants for barrier-free living

    There are a variety of financial support options for low-barrier (re)building at federal and state level. You can read here which requirements have to be met and which subsidies are available.

    Build barrier-free
  • Efficiency house KfW85: get subsidies for refurbishment

    As a homeowner, you want the highest possible energy savings. For existing properties, you can receive attractive funding from KfW under the KfW85 program, even for houses with higher energy requirements. Our experts are very familiar with these and other standards and explain here how you can specifically promote your energy-efficient house. KfW85 and the […]

    energy efficiency
  • KfW – Loan Agency for Reconstruction

    With the aid of the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW), the state promotes various public concerns, including housing construction. On the one hand, builders benefit from state subsidies such as the child benefit, on the other hand they can take out loans for energy-efficient construction.

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  • KfW Efficiency House 40 Plus

    The KfW Efficiency House 40 Plus is a classification for the energy efficiency of new buildings, which is accompanied by financial support options from the Reconstruction Loan Corporation (KfW). The requirements here are on the one hand the reduction of the primary energy requirement of the new building by 60% compared to an EnEV reference building and the equipment with a so-called "Plus Package", which includes various structural requirements for energy efficiency.

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  • The KfW Efficiency House standards: KfW 85, 75, 55, 40 (EE), (NH) and Plus

    KfW 70, 55, 40 and 40 Plus provide information about the standards for new energy-efficient houses. This article sheds light on their requirements, costs, and price differences.

    energy efficiency
  • Residential Riester subsidy

    Wohnriester grants consist of government grants in the form of allowances and tax breaks. You can find out here which rules these are linked to.

  • KFW 85, 70, 55 or 40?

    The energy efficiency of new buildings has steadily increased in importance in recent years. Houses are divided into different KfW efficiency classes: KfW 70, KfW 55, KfW 40 and KfW 40 Plus. This article sheds light on the different standards, as well as their costs and price differences.

    energy efficiency
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