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  • It all comes down to optimal roof insulation

    If you want to ensure sustainable and energy-efficient insulation of your roof, there is no way around roof insulation. Find out what options are available to you to improve your home’s energy performance and what to consider when deciding to insulate your roof here. Why good roof insulation is important Suitable insulation for roofs is […]

  • Tree trunks - different types of wood next to each other

    Native tree and wood species

    Wood as a building material is considered to be ecologically valuable and wooden houses are increasing in popularity. However, wood is also used, for example, in furniture construction and in the paper industry. In this article you will learn what species of trees and wood in this country and what they are used for.

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  • Blank wall what ancillary construction costs?

    Single-shell or double-shell? The solid house exterior wall

    Solid houses are available with single- or double-skin exterior walls. The types of construction have different characteristics in terms of cost, insulation, sound insulation, etc.. Find out everything you need to know about it here!

  • ETICS layers

    Vapor barrier, vapor barrier, diffusion – exterior wall in the prefabricated house

    The exterior walls of prefabricated houses can be constructed with different vapor retarders and insulation materials. But what is it actually about diffusion-open walls? Find out everything about vapor barriers, vapor retarders and diffusion openness here.

  • aerated concrete

    Aerated concrete or gas concrete is a steam-hardened mineral building material that scores with good insulation and fire protection properties as well as a low weight. We explain what are the advantages and disadvantages of aerated concrete as a building material.

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  • Wood, plaster or brick – The big facade comparison

    Which facade suits you best? Plaster, brick, wooden facade - we have the big comparison.

  • Possible applications of tiles

    Tiles come in many colors and shapes, so they can be used to create very different living atmospheres. They are beneficial not only in bathrooms and kitchens, but can be considered just as much for the living area. Learn more in this article!

  • Build monolithically with expanded clay

    Choosing a wall system is one of the most important decisions when planning the future home. If you want to build brick on brick, i.e. monolithically, you usually use expanded clay as a building material. What makes the combination of monolithic construction and expanded clay so successful, you will learn in this article.

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  • Building with Poroton

    Poroton vertically perforated bricks have now overtaken classic bricks in solid construction. Since they are said to have particularly good energy properties, Poroton bricks and brick systems are the building material of choice, especially for the construction of low-energy houses. Read what is behind the name Poroton and learn about the advantages of the vertically […]

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  • wooden panels

    Wooden panels create a pleasant atmosphere and enhance the interior of the future dream house. Read here what to look out for when choosing wooden panels.

  • Earth building: patterns in the earth

    mud building

    Clay, a building material that is actually environmentally friendly and particularly suitable for households with allergies, has fallen into disrepute due to the radioactive contamination it may emanate. In this article you will find out whether the fears are justified and how you can best protect yourself and your family from pollutants in the indoor air.

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