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  • The most important terms of building law for the purchase of land

    Before developers decide to buy land, they need to clarify a number of issues related to building law. In the following article we explain the most important terms you need to know before you put your signature on the purchase contract. Specifically, this involves the development plan, the floor area ratio, the floor area ratio, the building ground investigation and the right of first refusal.

  • Land prices

    The price is hot! This is particularly true for land, given the steady rise in demand. Get an overview of regional land prices, the so-called standard land value and the costs incurred by brokers, notary and business tax in this article.

  • Building in Brandenburg

    Brandenburg regions vary in popularity among builders. In Berlin's Speckgürtel, for example, there is a lot of construction going on at the moment, and less in the Uckermark. About land prices and the advantages of country life with simultaneous proximity to the city we inform in this article.

  • Building in Berlin

    Many dream of building a house in Berlin. But is there any affordable building land left in Berlin at all? Which neighborhoods are more favorable than others? We explore these questions in this article.

  • Nail with red thread: Marking during land surveying

    The land survey and associated costs

    Surveying is an official matter and can therefore only be carried out by publicly appointed surveyors (ÖbVI). Surveys of land are necessary, for example, when ownership is unclear. However, surveys must also be performed at various times during the construction process (e.g., the building survey). Learn all about surveying and where you can save money in the process here.

  • The land register and the land charge

    Only with the corresponding entry in the land register does a property change hands. In addition, the land charge entered in the land register is the most common security for construction financing loans. Entries in the land register are subject to a fee. In this article you will find all the important information about the land register and land charge.

  • The development of the land

    In principle, land may only be built on if it is already developed. Thus, no building permit can be obtained without a development. The development of a property includes the connection to the sewerage system, to the gas, water and electricity supply, but also to the telephone and traffic network. In this article, you can also find out why there are often unpleasant surprises with regard to development costs.

  • Cracks in the ground, a ground survey is worthwhile

    Building plots and soil surveys

    When looking for a property, there are many aspects to consider that are not immediately obvious. For example, the contaminated sites and the load-bearing capacity of the soil, the soil report and previous use are aspects to be clarified - read more in this article.

  • The perfect lot

    Before looking for a property, there are a number of basic questions that should be clarified. Because when you build a house, you often tie yourself to a certain place for the rest of your life. So what about your wishes - and does the area around a property really correspond to them. Explore this question in this article!

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