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Bungalow vs. multi-storey house – advantages and disadvantages at a glance.

Many builders imagine the construction of a house in the years before still relatively simple. But
already so that the construction can start at all, a lot of time must be spent on the search for answers to
basic questions are used – for example, with regard to the location of the house, the
Construction method and the building concept, the provider and much more. A fundamental question here is whether
the house will be built single-storey or multi-storey: Bungalow or multistorey house? The
Answer must be made individually. These are the advantages and disadvantages of the two variants:

A bungalow offers maximum accessibility and is inexpensive

One-storey houses in the modern sense are so-called bungalows. They are characterized by the fact that,
that they are mostly built in wooden post and beam construction and have neither basement nor attic -.
with a few exceptions. This simplifies the design or construction of such a house
naturally enormous – which in turn has a positive effect on the price. A bungalow is built quickly
and also has no stairs, at most steps at the terrace or porch. This is a
Bungalow already from the concept barrier-free. Therefore, they are also ideal for older people
or builders who know exactly that they want to spend their retirement in this house.

However, a bungalow also comes with a few disadvantages: For example, with the fact that the
Living space is simply dependent on the area of the plot. A bungalow with the same
Living space of a two-storey house needs twice the footprint on the plot. Who
needs a lot of space, must therefore also buy a large plot of land – and the corresponding
Get building permit for such a large house.

Multi-storey house: using space more efficiently

With a multi-storey house, the space is much better utilized. With four floors the
Floor area always only about ¼ of the living space. However, even four-story buildings are difficult
enforceable as far as permits are concerned, at least outside urban areas. In addition,
that already from one floor the construction of the house is much more complex and therefore also
more expensive than is the case with a bungalow. This is especially true if at the end also
the accessibility should be given: A stair elevator or even a small elevator quickly costs
several 10,000 euros.

What now? Multi-storey or bungalow?

If you can’t decide, you should ask yourself whether you need a lot of space or a little, and how it will
about the budget. If the latter is scarce, there is much to be said for the bungalow, especially if the
space requirement is small. Also the barrier liberty speaks for the bungalow, in the course of the demographic
this is usually of special importance. On the other hand, those who want maximum flexibility in terms of
property, is well advised with a multi-storey house: Here the
Floors often still divide and rent as an apartment, there is a basement and / or a
Attic for more storage space and in the end you also have more of the garden because the
floor space is used more efficiently than is the case with a bungalow. In return, a
multi-storey house significantly more expensive.


Autorin Sarah Völkl

Sarah Völkl hat Architektur studiert und ist seit Jahren das Gesicht von a better place. Mit ihren Videos ist sie bei YouTube vielen Personen schon länger bekannt. Sarah teilt Ihr Wissen jetzt auch bei den Bautipps von Almondia.

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