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  • Efficiency house KfW85: get subsidies for refurbishment

    As a homeowner, you want the highest possible energy savings. For existing properties, you can receive attractive funding from KfW under the KfW85 program, even for houses with higher energy requirements. Our experts are very familiar with these and other standards and explain here how you can specifically promote your energy-efficient house. KfW85 and the […]

    energy efficiency
  • Small but mighty: the XXS house

    Living in an XXS house? For many hardly imaginable, but if cleverly planned, it is not inferior to a large house in terms of comfort. Read how in this interview with our architect.

  • It all comes down to optimal roof insulation

    If you want to ensure sustainable and energy-efficient insulation of your roof, there is no way around roof insulation. Find out what options are available to you to improve your home’s energy performance and what to consider when deciding to insulate your roof here. Why good roof insulation is important Suitable insulation for roofs is […]

  • Bungalow vs. multi-storey house – advantages and disadvantages at a glance.

    Many builders imagine the construction of a house in the years before still relatively simple. Butalready so that the construction can start at all, a lot of time must be spent on the search for answers tobasic questions are used – for example, with regard to the location of the house, theConstruction method and the […]

  • Is building savings still worthwhile?

    In view of the generally low interest rates, the building savings contract is often no longer the appropriate form of credit for building a house. But for future modernizations, for example, a building savings contract can still be advantageous today. Find out here how building savings works, what advantages it has and when it is still worthwhile today.

  • Tree trunks - different types of wood next to each other

    Native tree and wood species

    Wood as a building material is considered to be ecologically valuable and wooden houses are increasing in popularity. However, wood is also used, for example, in furniture construction and in the paper industry. In this article you will learn what species of trees and wood in this country and what they are used for.

    Build sustainably
  • Woman taking notes

    Finding a construction company: 6 decisive criteria for the right choice

    It is not easy to find the construction company that suits the individual house building project. When comparing construction companies, it depends on the cost, experience and specialization, preferred building materials used, the specific content of the construction contract, but also regionality and trust. Also particularly important are testimonials from people who have already worked with the construction company. Our construction company checklist clarifies what to look out for!

  • What is the cost of a prefabricated house?

    Are you thinking about realizing your dream of owning your own home and planning to build a house? You have probably already informed yourself about basic questions and made some initial decisions. One of the most fundamental questions when building a house is first of all deciding which construction method you want to choose – […]

  • Blank wall what ancillary construction costs?

    Single-shell or double-shell? The solid house exterior wall

    Solid houses are available with single- or double-skin exterior walls. The types of construction have different characteristics in terms of cost, insulation, sound insulation, etc.. Find out everything you need to know about it here!

  • Building owner services

    Building owner services – Which tasks building owners have to take over

    In addition to the electricity and water supply at the construction site, builders also have to overcome many bureaucratic hurdles before moving into their dream home. In this article you will find out which services you are responsible for before, during and after construction and what costs you should expect.

  • Dates for start of construction and completion

    Often, construction contracts already have defects. It is important that the dates for the start and completion of construction are fixed in a contractually flawless manner. This creates planning reliability and financial security in the event of delays. Learn everything you need to know about it here.

  • Building in winter – what do builders need to consider?

    Previously, at temperatures below +5 degrees Celsius on construction sites stopped working. However, the risk of consequential damage can be minimized with appropriate precautions - the construction site is covered with sheeting and heating is provided for interior finishing work. How to do everything right when building in winter and which construction work you should rather do without, you will learn in this article.

  • Terrace with friends


    When designing a terrace, the choice of the right visual, wind and sun protection, as well as suitable floor coverings, plays an important role. Shade in the summer provide awnings, awnings or a patio cover. Depending on the personal preferences and budget of the builders serve as floor coverings wooden planks, stone tiles or WPC decking boards. When it comes to patio furniture, builders have to choose between wood, aluminum and polyrattan as materials.

  • Wooden beam ceiling vs. concrete ceiling

    The ceilings of the floors can be basically divided into two possible variants - wooden joist ceiling and concrete ceiling. Both differ in price and construction time, as well as thermal and sound insulation. Learn more in our article.

  • Building in Corona times – time for building preparations

    Decisions about necessary restrictions in times of Corona are made almost daily. Find out here how things are currently looking on the construction sites and what opportunities you can take advantage of.

  • ETICS layers

    Vapor barrier, vapor barrier, diffusion – exterior wall in the prefabricated house

    The exterior walls of prefabricated houses can be constructed with different vapor retarders and insulation materials. But what is it actually about diffusion-open walls? Find out everything about vapor barriers, vapor retarders and diffusion openness here.

  • Underfloor heating versus radiators

    Underfloor heating and radiators offer various advantages and disadvantages. While both cost about the same to install, radiators are easier to install in existing buildings and respond more quickly to changes in heat. On the other hand, underfloor heating is more energy efficient and does not consume space in the room.

  • The new law on contracts for work and services

    As of January 1, 2018, a number of new provisions will apply to construction contracts as part of a reform of the law on contracts for work and services. The new law on contracts for work and services is intended to strengthen consumers' rights in the face of home construction, which is associated with risks. In this article you will learn all about the background and the individual provisions that matter when building a house.

  • Interior design that promotes health

    Harmful substances in furniture, paints, floor coverings and textiles impair the well-being within one's own four walls. Consequences can be headaches and allergies. With the help of certificates and eco-labels you can see which materials are harmless for your Wohngesund.

  • The house on the slope – properly planned

    Crammed by neighboring houses right and left, front and back? The line of sight is just ten meters? There is an alternative to this: the house on the slope. It promises a different perspective, namely the view of a panoramic landscape spread out in front of the elevated position. This explains why a hillside property […]

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