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Underfloor heating versus radiators

Many builders play with the idea of heating their future home with underfloor heating. However, floor heating is considered more expensive compared to radiators. The widespread opinion that underfloor heating is harmful to health also deters builders. In the following article, we clear up some of the prejudices surrounding underfloor heating and explain what advantages and disadvantages underfloor heating actually brings compared to radiators.

Eliminate prejudices

There are still prejudices about underfloor heating. In general, it can be said that this is not harmful to health. These misleading opinions belong to the realm of myths.

In addition, many consumers still believe that the installation devours more costs than conventional heating. However, this assumption is not correct. On the contrary, the purchase is even about 250 euros less than ordinary heating. Nevertheless, there are differences in price. Several quotes should be obtained prior to purchase.

Advantages underfloor heating compared to radiators

Underfloor heating has long been on the road to success in Germany. This is not surprising, because it provides a comfortable warmth in the apartment. Underfloor heating is now installed in every second new building. One reason for this is the energy savings. Underfloor heating consumes less energy than a radiator. While the classic heating system requires higher temperatures of up to 60 degrees, underfloor heating systems only need a temperature of up to 35 degrees. Underfloor heating emits heat over a large area, which warms the room evenly. Even if the temperature is actually lower, the perceived room temperature does not differ from that with radiators.

Another great advantage is that underfloor heating is invisible and therefore does not consume space. They are also maintenance-free because they do not require cleaning.

Before building a house, think about the cold days: Is underfloor heating or a radiator a better fit for the planned home?

Disadvantages floor heating compared to radiators

Basically, there are no disadvantages in the floor heating systems. It only becomes difficult if this is to be retrofitted. This work is very costly, because for this purpose the floor structure must be raised accordingly or channels for the pipes must be milled. In such cases, the installation of radiators is more recommended. It also makes more sense to install it only if there is a well-insulated environment. Otherwise, the advantage of underfloor heating can not be felt. Radiators heat up faster. In comparison, underfloor heating needs longer lead times and therefore cannot work efficiently enough in poorly insulated houses. It is also not advisable to install both systems at the same time.

Advantages radiators compared to floor heating

Some studies conclude that radiators are more energy efficient than radiant floor heating systems because they respond more quickly to changes in heat in the home. Immediately cool down underfloor heating at night or on warm days is almost impossible. To get to the desired cool temperature in new buildings takes about a day and a half. Accordingly, radiators are said to consume up to 15% less energy than underfloor heating. Another advantage of radiators is that they are cheaper to replace. The pipes of underfloor heating systems generally have a service life of 40 to 50 years. However, if inferior material was used, the pipes can silt up after only one or two years. If it becomes necessary to replace the pipes, this quickly becomes expensive with underfloor heating.

At a glance: Advantages of underfloor heating and radiators

Advantages underfloor heatingAdvantages radiator
More efficient, as they have lower
Temperature needs
Easier to install in existing buildings
Distributes heat evenly and
keeps it in the building longer in insulated houses
Responds more quickly to changes in heat
Does not consume space in the roomExchange cheaper

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