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  • Building owner services

    Building owner services – Which tasks building owners have to take over

    In addition to the electricity and water supply at the construction site, builders also have to overcome many bureaucratic hurdles before moving into their dream home. In this article you will find out which services you are responsible for before, during and after construction and what costs you should expect.

  • Building in Corona times – time for building preparations

    Decisions about necessary restrictions in times of Corona are made almost daily. Find out here how things are currently looking on the construction sites and what opportunities you can take advantage of.

  • Build cottage

    Saving is not worthwhile at present in view of the ECB's low interest rate policy. On the other hand, the favorable construction loans make building more affordable than ever. If you have always thought about a vacation home, you should realize it now. It promises not only beautiful vacations, but also represents an excellent investment - read more in this article!

  • Test living in the dream house virtually

    In order to ensure that all ideas and wishes have been taken into account in the planning before construction begins, builders can use computer-based house construction configuration tools to put together their own house and view it virtually.

  • child locks

    Mains sockets in particular, but also corners and edges of cupboards and tables as well as large glass surfaces pose a real danger to small children. In this article, we explain how you can childproof your house with a few simple and inexpensive tricks.

  • Check electricity provider

    Of course it is annoying to pay more with your own electricity provider than with the competition. Too attractive offers often have a catch. In this article, we explain which factors you should definitely pay attention to when comparing prices from different electricity providers.

    energy efficiency
  • Tips for self-services when building a house

    Own work in building a house takes up your own time and requires manual skills. In order to be able to estimate what you can do yourself when building a house, builders should be aware of how much time and skill they can muster or how much support comes from their circle of friends. After that, the appropriate expansion stage can be selected in order to save money on construction costs.

    expansion stage
  • Ventilate properly and avoid mistakes

    Airing is not just airing: It makes a big difference whether it is summer or winter, whether you are airing in the basement or in the bedrooms. Since fresh air is crucial for healthy living, we have created a table with all the DOs and DON'Ts for correct ventilation.

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