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Most builders build only once in a lifetime and then it is the residential house. But since the current low interest rate policy of the European Central Bank (ECB) makes worthwhile saving impossible and, at the same time, construction loans incredibly cheap, many builders are considering tackling house construction a second or even third time. There are reasons for it in any case: for example, the construction of a vacation home as a vacation home for the whole family and at the same time as a good investment in interest-free times.

Why building a vacation home is worthwhile right now

Construction loans are currently very favorable due to the ECB’s low interest rate policy. In fact, there has hardly ever been a better time to tackle the home building project. Normally you build only once in a lifetime and then it is a regular residential house. But since building is just so exceedingly cheap, it occurs to many to embark on the adventure of building a house several times. There are plenty of reasons for this: for example, if traditional savers are looking for other forms of return because there are hardly any interest rates worth mentioning at the moment. Clever savers sometimes decide to build a house as a capital investment. Here you will find an overview of the credit models for construction financing.

The construction of a vacation home is also increasingly coming into focus. Anyone who has always harbored this dream and also has the necessary resources available should think about why they are waiting – because the general conditions could hardly be better. And the construction of a vacation home can also be considered a suitable capital investment! Because in addition to the expected increase in value, the cottage can be rented out in all seasons. There are even tax advantages to be had in the process. Here, however, it makes a difference what plans exist for the vacation home: With or without owner occupancy and the intention to generate income make a tax difference. So it’s worth consulting with your tax advisor about your vacation home, too.

What do you want your vacation home to look like?

The good is so close! Coasts, lakescapes or mountain landscapes – there is something for every taste in this country. Many people have settled on a favorite place when they go on vacation. Simply because they feel comfortable there, meet acquaintances again and because the place is easy to reach by car or train. In addition, these places are mostly away from mass tourism and have retained their own charm. Of course, for the dream of your own vacation home you need a suitable plot of land. This is certainly the most complicated part of the project. Those who are already approaching the construction phase can choose from a variety of options. In principle, all types of houses are also suitable as a vacation home. But, as a rule, the builder of a vacation home is looking for a more compact and cheaper option than for the construction of a normal residential house. For the vacation home is mainly about coziness and functionality, so they are rather small and focused on the basic needs. At the same time they know how to create a very welcoming and cozy atmosphere. Here we present the different types of houses. In addition, smaller houses also require less interior decoration and plastering. Therefore, there are a number of prefabricated wooden house variants, which suppliers designed specifically as vacation homes. These require only a comparatively low construction time and are therefore also inexpensive. Here, too, there is a wide choice: a modern designer house, a classic bungalow, a rustic log house or even a small garden house come into question.

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