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  • Which type of house suits me? First step of house planning

    Choose from different house types in terms of construction style (e.g. single-family house, semi-detached house, bungalow, multi-generation house), different house types in terms of construction method (prefabricated or solid house) and different house types in terms of energy standard (e.g. low-energy or plus-energy house).

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  • Wooden house vs. solid house – all advantages and disadvantages at a glance

    In Germany, solid houses are very popular. But more and more builders are choosing wooden houses. This article clarifies what are the advantages and disadvantages of wooden houses and solid houses in comparison.

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  • active house

    The idea for the series production of active houses came from the B10 research project. The sustainably built active houses are now available in the cheaper 700 series and the high-quality 800 series. In this article, we explain how the construction of an active house works and what costs builders have to reckon with.

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  • Modern design

    Lisa, Markus and Felix have fulfilled their dream of owning their own home by building a modern house. While Lisa opted for a practical floor plan, Markus used wood as the building material for the construction of his modern house. Using the example of the three builders, we explain how you can build a modern house according to your ideas.

  • Building with an architect

    The construction of an architect's house can be associated with higher costs, but it enables builders to implement their individual wishes. Here we explain the advantages and disadvantages of building with an architect and who it is suitable for.

  • Why does a passive house cost more?

    The additional costs when building a house when you decide on a passive house are mainly made up of three factors: Insulation, heating and ventilation drive up the construction costs. We explain why these three measures are so important and what benefits you can enjoy from them.

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  • The solid house prefabricated house

    More and more builders are choosing to build a massive prefab house. We explain the most important features of the solid house in prefabricated construction and which advantages of both worlds will benefit you.

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  • House reflected in the water

    passive houses

    A passive house is more expensive to build than other houses. In return, it consumes up to 90% less energy, which saves on heating costs. To make the decision easier for prospective builders, we have compiled the most important pros and cons for building a passive house here.

    Build sustainablyenergy efficiency
  • wooden house on the beach

    The dream of a wooden house

    Wooden houses have many ecological, planning and health advantages during the construction phase and after moving in. In this article we have summarized the main differences between the different variants of wooden houses for you. We also explain how builders can best protect their log house or home built in timber frame or timber panel construction from environmental influences.

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