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  • Architectural style Classic single-family house

    Simple design and low cost of construction - this promises the building style Classic single-family house. Due to the versatility in the floor plan and simple construction, it offers individual design options to all builders.

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  • Which type of house suits me? First step of house planning

    Choose from different house types in terms of construction style (e.g. single-family house, semi-detached house, bungalow, multi-generation house), different house types in terms of construction method (prefabricated or solid house) and different house types in terms of energy standard (e.g. low-energy or plus-energy house).

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  • Architectural style bungalow

    As a one-storey building, the bungalow is particularly suitable for people who try to avoid climbing stairs. The open room concept and the design options for the floor plan give the building openness and lightness.

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  • active house

    The idea for the series production of active houses came from the B10 research project. The sustainably built active houses are now available in the cheaper 700 series and the high-quality 800 series. In this article, we explain how the construction of an active house works and what costs builders have to reckon with.

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  • Architectural style country house

    A country house is suitable for all those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. It offers maximum quality of life with its large garden and endless design options.

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  • Architectural style Bauhaus

    In architecture, the Bauhaus style stands for functional, simple and clear floor plans and facades, open room design and lots of glass.

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  • Prefab or solid construction: what are the advantages and disadvantages?

    The prefabricated house and the solid construction differ not only in price. Design options, construction time, subsequent operating costs and resale value also play a major role for almost all builders. We have therefore compiled the most important advantages and disadvantages of prefabricated houses and solid construction here for you.

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  • Architectural style city villa

    The city villa combines the best of life in the city and in the country: a spacious property, a spacious house and still urban character with good infrastructure.

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  • Calculate prefabricated house prices correctly

    Keeping track of the many different prices and offers for prefabricated houses can be a real challenge. We explain which expansion level suits your needs and how the KfW efficiency levels 55, 40 and 40+ affect the overall price of the prefabricated house.

  • Prefab bungalows in check

    Bungalows offer many advantages for prospective homeowners. Since bungalows are built with only one floor, they are barrier-free and allow an individual room layout. The large roof area is also ideal for the installation of photovoltaic systems. The biggest disadvantage of the bungalow is probably the floor space required compared to multi-storey houses. Find out in this article whether building a bungalow is worthwhile for you.

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  • Save construction costs with the right expansion stage

    By choosing a lower expansion level, you can save a lot of construction costs. But not all personal contributions are equally worthwhile or feasible for everyone. What requirements should you bring with you and what are the risks of doing your own work?

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  • The solid house prefabricated house

    More and more builders are choosing to build a massive prefab house. We explain the most important features of the solid house in prefabricated construction and which advantages of both worlds will benefit you.

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