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  • Shell house: how long does it take to build?

    The shell of the house is comparable to the skeleton of the human body. It gives shape and stability to your home, so its correct execution is particularly important. In this article we describe how long the shell construction time is and which structural trades are involved.

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  • Tips for self-services when building a house

    Own work in building a house takes up your own time and requires manual skills. In order to be able to estimate what you can do yourself when building a house, builders should be aware of how much time and skill they can muster or how much support comes from their circle of friends. After that, the appropriate expansion stage can be selected in order to save money on construction costs.

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  • Save construction costs with the right expansion stage

    By choosing a lower expansion level, you can save a lot of construction costs. But not all personal contributions are equally worthwhile or feasible for everyone. What requirements should you bring with you and what are the risks of doing your own work?

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