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  • Is building savings still worthwhile?

    In view of the generally low interest rates, the building savings contract is often no longer the appropriate form of credit for building a house. But for future modernizations, for example, a building savings contract can still be advantageous today. Find out here how building savings works, what advantages it has and when it is still worthwhile today.

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    Finding a construction company: 6 decisive criteria for the right choice

    It is not easy to find the construction company that suits the individual house building project. When comparing construction companies, it depends on the cost, experience and specialization, preferred building materials used, the specific content of the construction contract, but also regionality and trust. Also particularly important are testimonials from people who have already worked with the construction company. Our construction company checklist clarifies what to look out for!

  • What is the cost of a prefabricated house?

    Are you thinking about realizing your dream of owning your own home and planning to build a house? You have probably already informed yourself about basic questions and made some initial decisions. One of the most fundamental questions when building a house is first of all deciding which construction method you want to choose – […]

  • Building owner services

    Building owner services – Which tasks building owners have to take over

    In addition to the electricity and water supply at the construction site, builders also have to overcome many bureaucratic hurdles before moving into their dream home. In this article you will find out which services you are responsible for before, during and after construction and what costs you should expect.

  • Building in Corona times – time for building preparations

    Decisions about necessary restrictions in times of Corona are made almost daily. Find out here how things are currently looking on the construction sites and what opportunities you can take advantage of.

  • Build a house or buy a house? All advantages and disadvantages at a glance

    There are many aspects to consider when weighing between building a home and buying a home. In this article you will find all the advantages and disadvantages of building and buying a house.

  • The house building checklist

    When building a house, it is important to have all aspects in mind from the very beginning. However, construction projects are highly complex. Fortunately, our home building checklist is available for an initial overview, so you can then delve into the details with confidence.

  • Loans for construction financing

    Annuity loans, building society loans, full financing, subsidized loans, subsidies - who can keep track of them all? We explain the most important credit models for construction financing. And also, what other options are available for financing and raising capital for home construction.

  • Build cottage

    Saving is not worthwhile at present in view of the ECB's low interest rate policy. On the other hand, the favorable construction loans make building more affordable than ever. If you have always thought about a vacation home, you should realize it now. It promises not only beautiful vacations, but also represents an excellent investment - read more in this article!

  • Which type of house suits me? First step of house planning

    Choose from different house types in terms of construction style (e.g. single-family house, semi-detached house, bungalow, multi-generation house), different house types in terms of construction method (prefabricated or solid house) and different house types in terms of energy standard (e.g. low-energy or plus-energy house).

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  • Building subsidy

    Building your own home will become more affordable for families with children in the future. In this article, you will find out which requirements builders must fulfill in order to benefit from the "Baukindergeld" and how much the subsidy will be.

  • Construction financing in 3 steps

    Three important tips on construction financing that many home builders forget when planning their financing: Realistically estimate construction costs, determine the financing amount and calculate the monthly installment. In this article, we will explain what amount you should consider for the additional costs in construction financing and also how to calculate your financing amount and financing rate.

  • Wooden house vs. solid house – all advantages and disadvantages at a glance

    In Germany, solid houses are very popular. But more and more builders are choosing wooden houses. This article clarifies what are the advantages and disadvantages of wooden houses and solid houses in comparison.

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  • The big building costs checklist

    An often underestimated cost factor during the construction phase are the ancillary construction costs. To help you get a better idea, we've compiled checklists for utility costs before you buy the land, on the building site, and during home construction.

  • Ancillary construction costs checklist with prices during the construction phase

    House connections for gas, electricity, fresh water and waste water have to be factored into the ancillary costs by builders. But insurance is also absolutely necessary on the construction site in order to be prepared for unforeseeable risks. In order not to lose track, builders will find checklists here with all incidental construction costs during the construction phase.

  • construction price index

    The construction price index is used to determine the price development of construction work over a certain period of time. We explain how the construction price index is calculated and what the "insurance sum 1914" indicates, which builders need if they want to take out homeowners insurance.

  • Ancillary construction costs for setting up the construction site

    In order to prepare the building plot for construction, the subsoil must be surveyed, soil reports and subsoil reports obtained if necessary and old buildings demolished. Tree felling is sometimes necessary. We have put together a table listing all the ancillary construction costs for setting up the construction site.

  • Test living in the dream house virtually

    In order to ensure that all ideas and wishes have been taken into account in the planning before construction begins, builders can use computer-based house construction configuration tools to put together their own house and view it virtually.

  • child locks

    Mains sockets in particular, but also corners and edges of cupboards and tables as well as large glass surfaces pose a real danger to small children. In this article, we explain how you can childproof your house with a few simple and inexpensive tricks.

  • The ancillary construction costs before the house is built

    When buying a property, there are a number of additional costs. Even without a broker's commission, real estate transfer tax and notary fees are always due. Further costs are incurred for planning before the house is built. For a better overview, we have compiled all ancillary costs in a table before building the house.

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