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  • The big building costs checklist

    An often underestimated cost factor during the construction phase are the ancillary construction costs. To help you get a better idea, we've compiled checklists for utility costs before you buy the land, on the building site, and during home construction.

  • Ancillary construction costs checklist with prices during the construction phase

    House connections for gas, electricity, fresh water and waste water have to be factored into the ancillary costs by builders. But insurance is also absolutely necessary on the construction site in order to be prepared for unforeseeable risks. In order not to lose track, builders will find checklists here with all incidental construction costs during the construction phase.

  • construction price index

    The construction price index is used to determine the price development of construction work over a certain period of time. We explain how the construction price index is calculated and what the "insurance sum 1914" indicates, which builders need if they want to take out homeowners insurance.

  • Ancillary construction costs for setting up the construction site

    In order to prepare the building plot for construction, the subsoil must be surveyed, soil reports and subsoil reports obtained if necessary and old buildings demolished. Tree felling is sometimes necessary. We have put together a table listing all the ancillary construction costs for setting up the construction site.

  • The ancillary construction costs before the house is built

    When buying a property, there are a number of additional costs. Even without a broker's commission, real estate transfer tax and notary fees are always due. Further costs are incurred for planning before the house is built. For a better overview, we have compiled all ancillary costs in a table before building the house.

  • Affordable building and living

    Many people want more affordable housing in cities. But in order to be able to live affordable, you first have to build affordable. This article discusses measures to save construction costs and explains where it is worth investing.

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