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  • Dates for start of construction and completion

    Often, construction contracts already have defects. It is important that the dates for the start and completion of construction are fixed in a contractually flawless manner. This creates planning reliability and financial security in the event of delays. Learn everything you need to know about it here.

  • Building in winter – what do builders need to consider?

    Previously, at temperatures below +5 degrees Celsius on construction sites stopped working. However, the risk of consequential damage can be minimized with appropriate precautions - the construction site is covered with sheeting and heating is provided for interior finishing work. How to do everything right when building in winter and which construction work you should rather do without, you will learn in this article.

  • Ready for wallpapering

    Before moving into the new home, the old apartment must be cleared and partially renovated. At the same time, many landlords require their tenants to leave the apartment ready for wallpaper or wallpaper-ready, which corresponds to the standard Q2 filler. In this article we explain whether tenants really have to comply with the request.

  • Botched Construction – From dream house to nightmare

    Shortly after moving into their own home, many builders notice defects in the new building - they became victims of botched construction! To avoid the same fate befalling you, you should bring an expert on board to review the construction contracts and the execution during construction. Formal acceptance of the building work is also essential. If defects are discovered here, builders can refuse the building inspection.

  • Do builders need building supervision?

    When building a house, mistakes and coordination difficulties between the companies involved and the craftsmen often occur during the construction phase. This can lead to significant extra costs due to construction defects and construction delays. In order to prevent this risk, building owners can optionally commission a building supervision. You can find out more about building supervision and the associated services and costs in this article.

  • stone wall

    The dangers of building a house

    Building a house harbors a number of dangers: unsuccessful construction financing, tensions in the relationship or a fraudulent construction company can shatter the dream of owning a home. With the right advice, some stumbling blocks during house construction can be cleared out of the way.

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