Almondia – Bautipps Die Bauherrenberatung
  • Evaluate financing offers

    The first major decision before building your own home is financing. In order to be able to efficiently evaluate the financing offers from their bank, builders should pay attention to the term of the fixed interest rate, possibilities for special payments and the absolute total construction costs. In this article we explain which criteria you can use to find satisfactory mortgage lending!

  • Home construction financing to count

    Equity must be contributed to most construction financing models. In this article, we explain how much equity capital must be when building a house, how it is calculated and what the annual and monthly financing rate is all about.

  • Is building savings still worthwhile?

    In view of the generally low interest rates, the building savings contract is often no longer the appropriate form of credit for building a house. But for future modernizations, for example, a building savings contract can still be advantageous today. Find out here how building savings works, what advantages it has and when it is still worthwhile today.

  • Loans for construction financing

    Annuity loans, building society loans, full financing, subsidized loans, subsidies - who can keep track of them all? We explain the most important credit models for construction financing. And also, what other options are available for financing and raising capital for home construction.

  • Building subsidy

    Building your own home will become more affordable for families with children in the future. In this article, you will find out which requirements builders must fulfill in order to benefit from the "Baukindergeld" and how much the subsidy will be.

  • Construction financing in 3 steps

    Three important tips on construction financing that many home builders forget when planning their financing: Realistically estimate construction costs, determine the financing amount and calculate the monthly installment. In this article, we will explain what amount you should consider for the additional costs in construction financing and also how to calculate your financing amount and financing rate.

  • Wooden house vs. solid house – all advantages and disadvantages at a glance

    In Germany, solid houses are very popular. But more and more builders are choosing wooden houses. This article clarifies what are the advantages and disadvantages of wooden houses and solid houses in comparison.

    massive houseWoodhouse
  • How much equity is needed for secure construction financing?

    In this article, we explain why builders should stay away from home financing without equity and give you a rule of thumb that you can use to calculate the equity needed to finance your home. By the way: If you want to fulfill your dream of owning your own home with little equity, a prefabricated house could be the right solution for you.

  • Home financing

    When financing your own home, it can quickly happen that you lose sight of some cost items that, in the worst case, endanger the entire construction project later on. In order to avoid nasty surprises, we have summarized the three most important factors with which you can organize the financing of your own home smoothly.

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