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  • different insulating materials next to each other


    At the latest since the energy transition, every prospective builder has probably thought about ways of thermal insulation in their own home. Even with houses that are already finished, it may be worth retrofitting again. In short: Everyone benefits from the correct handling of insulating materials. Here we tell you what you should know about […]

    energy efficiency
  • Blank wall what ancillary construction costs?

    Single-shell or double-shell? The solid house exterior wall

    Solid houses are available with single- or double-skin exterior walls. The types of construction have different characteristics in terms of cost, insulation, sound insulation, etc.. Find out everything you need to know about it here!

  • Terrace with friends


    When designing a terrace, the choice of the right visual, wind and sun protection, as well as suitable floor coverings, plays an important role. Shade in the summer provide awnings, awnings or a patio cover. Depending on the personal preferences and budget of the builders serve as floor coverings wooden planks, stone tiles or WPC decking boards. When it comes to patio furniture, builders have to choose between wood, aluminum and polyrattan as materials.

  • Wooden beam ceiling vs. concrete ceiling

    The ceilings of the floors can be basically divided into two possible variants - wooden joist ceiling and concrete ceiling. Both differ in price and construction time, as well as thermal and sound insulation. Learn more in our article.

  • ETICS layers

    Vapor barrier, vapor barrier, diffusion – exterior wall in the prefabricated house

    The exterior walls of prefabricated houses can be constructed with different vapor retarders and insulation materials. But what is it actually about diffusion-open walls? Find out everything about vapor barriers, vapor retarders and diffusion openness here.

  • Underfloor heating versus radiators

    Underfloor heating and radiators offer various advantages and disadvantages. While both cost about the same to install, radiators are easier to install in existing buildings and respond more quickly to changes in heat. On the other hand, underfloor heating is more energy efficient and does not consume space in the room.

  • Wood, plaster or brick – The big facade comparison

    Which facade suits you best? Plaster, brick, wooden facade - we have the big comparison.

  • Burglary protection

    Every homeowner has a need for security. A lot is already done with a few simple rules of conduct and some mechanical devices such as window screens. Further measures such as alarm systems are then not absolutely necessary. Read more in this article.

  • Stairs in family house

    There are several types of stairs. Besides the functional aspect, it is also possible to think about aesthetic aspects of stairs. Read more in this article.

  • The winter garden – The feel-good extra

    Let the sunshine in - Who realizes a winter garden already during the building of a house, does not have to tear down walls afterwards. There are several types of conservatories, and the residential conservatory is a very special extension of living space. Although the glazing potentiates the radiant energy of the sun, heating is still required - for best usability and preservation of the building fabric. In this article, find out about all the types, methods of construction and features of a winter garden.

  • Modern windows: window frames, glazing, burglary protection and cost

    Large, modern windows architecturally enhance any house. In addition to aesthetic aspects, windows are indispensable as an important source of light and fresh air - but they are also particularly appealing to burglars. Find out in this article about the best models and latest trends to the necessary safety precautions.

    energy efficiency
  • A garage according to your needs

    When building a house, it is best to plan the garage at the same time. The garage can be more than a safe place for the car, because it is also a hobby and storage space if designed accordingly. There are lightweight prefabricated garages and solid stone garages, as well as different gates and roof shapes. Get an overview in this article!

  • Ventilation systems

    Ventilation systems are especially important for houses with sophisticated insulation. They provide good air, preserve the building fabric and create a good living environment for allergy sufferers. In addition, ventilation systems with heat recovery make ecological sense - at the same time they are easy on the wallet, as heating costs are much lower. Find out about all aspects of centralized and decentralized ventilation systems with or without heat recovery in this article.

    energy efficiency
  • Roof shapes at a glance

    The roof has not only functional value, but also determines the character of the house. It does not always have to be the classic gable or hip roof; monopitch and tent roofs are also becoming more common. The agony of choice: to facilitate this, in this article you will find in detail all the forms of roofs and their specifics.

  • Air, light and sun

    How windows can support your natural biorhythm, how you can save energy and what an ecological window looks like, we have summarized for you here.

  • The land register and the land charge

    Only with the corresponding entry in the land register does a property change hands. In addition, the land charge entered in the land register is the most common security for construction financing loans. Entries in the land register are subject to a fee. In this article you will find all the important information about the land register and land charge.

  • ETICS – How do you insulate?

    In order to meet the requirements of the EnEV and save energy at the same time, you as the builder have to decide on a suitable insulation variant. The most widespread are thermal insulation composite systems – better known as ETICS. Here you can find out the advantages and disadvantages of this form of insulation […]

    energy efficiency
  • Cellar construction – yes or no? You should pay attention to this

    A basement is practical in many ways and increases the market value of the house. But what are the costs associated with a basement and what about the construction company doing the work? All you need to know here!

  • Heating in front of a turquoise wall: Checking the heaters

    Check heaters

    Gas heating or heat pump? Solar thermal or maybe wood heating? In this article you will find out what options there are for keeping your own house warm and where the respective advantages and disadvantages of the numerous heaters lie.

    energy efficiency
  • Heat up sustainably with heat pumps

    How does a heat pump work? How efficient is she? And how expensive is the purchase? Get the answers here.

    energy efficiency
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