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  • build a granny flat

    Have you decided to incorporate a separate living unit into your house, a so-called granny flat ? Congratulations! To guide you on your way to building a granny flat, we’ve broken the process down into five easy-to-follow phases. So you can relax and be perfectly prepared for the concrete planning.

  • Bungalow vs. multi-storey house – advantages and disadvantages at a glance.

    Many builders imagine the construction of a house in the years before still relatively simple. Butalready so that the construction can start at all, a lot of time must be spent on the search for answers tobasic questions are used – for example, with regard to the location of the house, theConstruction method and the […]

  • The house on the slope – properly planned

    Crammed by neighboring houses right and left, front and back? The line of sight is just ten meters? There is an alternative to this: the house on the slope. It promises a different perspective, namely the view of a panoramic landscape spread out in front of the elevated position. This explains why a hillside property […]

  • The Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV)

    The Energy Saving Ordinance - EnEV - sets binding standards with regard to energy efficiency. Here, construction methods such as insulation and building services come into play, but also the electricity mix with regard to the energy balance. In addition, building owners are required to maintain an energy certificate. Find out about the background and provisions of the EnEV 2014 in this article.

    Build sustainablyenergy efficiency
  • The energy certificate

    Every builder is obliged to keep an energy certificate for the new house. The energy certificate must already be submitted with the building application for the building permit - after completion of the building it must be checked and, if necessary, updated. be adjusted. You will find all information about the requirement certificate, consumer certificate, who issues energy certificates, the obligations of the building owner and the costs incurred in this article.

    energy efficiency
  • The winter garden – The feel-good extra

    Let the sunshine in - Who realizes a winter garden already during the building of a house, does not have to tear down walls afterwards. There are several types of conservatories, and the residential conservatory is a very special extension of living space. Although the glazing potentiates the radiant energy of the sun, heating is still required - for best usability and preservation of the building fabric. In this article, find out about all the types, methods of construction and features of a winter garden.

  • A garage according to your needs

    When building a house, it is best to plan the garage at the same time. The garage can be more than a safe place for the car, because it is also a hobby and storage space if designed accordingly. There are lightweight prefabricated garages and solid stone garages, as well as different gates and roof shapes. Get an overview in this article!

  • Division of the property

    Read this article to find out how to divide up your property sensibly. Here you will find ideas for aligning and placing your house, patio and everything else that belongs to your property.

  • Building line, building line, land area that can be built on? You need to know

    Even if you own a piece of land, you are not allowed to build your house anywhere. Construction line and building line limit the decision-making scope of the builder-owner, so that the future dream house does not conflict with urban planning.

  • floor plan planning

    With the floor plan, builders decide how the rooms should be arranged in their future dream house. To do this, they should consider which rooms are used the most and how much space different activities and people need. In this article, we explain which aspects you should pay attention to when planning the floor plan in order to prevent costly conversions afterwards.

  • Life cycle costs of a building

    In this article, we will show you how you can take energy consumption into account and minimize it as early as the planning phase in order to save life cycle costs in the long term.

    energy efficiency
  • Read the development plan and finally understand it

    The development plan has a decisive influence on the construction project. Because it is a technical document, laypeople can hardly understand it. Therefore, in this article we explain what the abbreviations, terms and symbols in the development plan are all about.

  • granny flats

    Multi-generational living or renting out a granny flat? What to look out for and all the pros and cons are in this article.

  • The development plan

    Once the first hurdle, the search for a plot of land, has been overcome, construction begins. This follows the development plan. You can read here what the development plan means for an individual property.

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