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  • Tree trunks - different types of wood next to each other

    Native tree and wood species

    Wood as a building material is considered to be ecologically valuable and wooden houses are increasing in popularity. However, wood is also used, for example, in furniture construction and in the paper industry. In this article you will learn what species of trees and wood in this country and what they are used for.

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  • The Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV)

    The Energy Saving Ordinance - EnEV - sets binding standards with regard to energy efficiency. Here, construction methods such as insulation and building services come into play, but also the electricity mix with regard to the energy balance. In addition, building owners are required to maintain an energy certificate. Find out about the background and provisions of the EnEV 2014 in this article.

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  • The cascade use of wood

    Wood as a building material is so popular not least because it is considered to be ecologically valuable. Often, however, the economy does not handle the raw material wood very efficiently. Multiple or cascade use could still be implemented much more efficiently in many areas. Read more in this article.

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  • Building biology and climate change

    Building biology studies the interactions of health, building, housing and the environment. It can often reveal hidden sources of pollution. Furthermore, it has significance for the ecological optimization of construction processes and can thus contribute to climate protection. Read more in this article.

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  • Ecological certifications and seals of approval

    Ecological building is on everyone's lips. Ecological building products promise advantages for your own health and the environment, a better indoor climate and cost savings. But which certificates and seals of approval are there? And what exactly do they stand for?

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  • Ecological and sustainable house construction

    In this article, we provide information on what you need to pay particular attention to when building an ecological and sustainable house, whether providers really implement the advertised ecological standard and how you can save costs by taking the initiative in building a house in view of the higher investment in ecology and sustainability.

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  • Why does a passive house cost more?

    The additional costs when building a house when you decide on a passive house are mainly made up of three factors: Insulation, heating and ventilation drive up the construction costs. We explain why these three measures are so important and what benefits you can enjoy from them.

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  • Do you want to build a mud house?

    The building material clay ensures an ideal indoor climate. In addition, clay is environmentally friendly, thermally insulating and ideal for allergy sufferers, as the building material filters pollutants and fine dust from the room air. In this article you can find out how clay is used and what costs builders have to reckon with.

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  • House reflected in the water

    passive houses

    A passive house is more expensive to build than other houses. In return, it consumes up to 90% less energy, which saves on heating costs. To make the decision easier for prospective builders, we have compiled the most important pros and cons for building a passive house here.

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  • House with green roof

    green roof

    With a green roof you install a protective and insulating layer and save energy costs. You can find out here which requirements your roof must meet and which subsidies you receive.

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  • Earth building: patterns in the earth

    mud building

    Clay, a building material that is actually environmentally friendly and particularly suitable for households with allergies, has fallen into disrepute due to the radioactive contamination it may emanate. In this article you will find out whether the fears are justified and how you can best protect yourself and your family from pollutants in the indoor air.

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  • wood texture

    Natural building material wood

    Wooden houses have a high thermal insulation requirement and thus save energy costs. More pros and cons here.

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  • Tree in your hands: ecological building

    Ecological building

    Several hot topics come together under the heading of ecological building : healthy living , energy efficiency and, last but not least, climate protection. For many years now, the world has been debating global warming and finite resources that we will have used up sooner or, so the quiet hope, later. Again and again we […]

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  • Healthy living and avoiding pollutants: Woman stretches when waking up

    healthy living

    Headaches, frequent sneezing, coughing and dizziness can be symptoms of an unhealthy environment. You can find out here how you can optimize your interior to this effect.

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  • Clearing in the forest - wood or clay as ecological building materials

    Ecological building materials

    What natural building materials are there? How can they be used and which seals of approval are relevant? Read our article on ecological building materials.

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