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  • Building permit procedure

    When is a less extensive building permit process possible? And which construction project does not require a building permit? We answer these and other questions here.

  • Building owner services

    Building owner services – Which tasks building owners have to take over

    In addition to the electricity and water supply at the construction site, builders also have to overcome many bureaucratic hurdles before moving into their dream home. In this article you will find out which services you are responsible for before, during and after construction and what costs you should expect.

  • The new law on contracts for work and services

    As of January 1, 2018, a number of new provisions will apply to construction contracts as part of a reform of the law on contracts for work and services. The new law on contracts for work and services is intended to strengthen consumers' rights in the face of home construction, which is associated with risks. In this article you will learn all about the background and the individual provisions that matter when building a house.

  • The most important pitfalls in the construction contract

    With regard to the drafting of the construction contract, the construction company often has an advantage over the owner, because construction companies know all the tricks of the trade. Aspects such as fixed price, start of construction, bill of quantities, etc. are then often interpreted unilaterally to the disadvantage of the builder. Track down the pitfalls in construction contracts with us in this article!

  • The Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV)

    The Energy Saving Ordinance - EnEV - sets binding standards with regard to energy efficiency. Here, construction methods such as insulation and building services come into play, but also the electricity mix with regard to the energy balance. In addition, building owners are required to maintain an energy certificate. Find out about the background and provisions of the EnEV 2014 in this article.

    Build sustainablyenergy efficiency
  • The energy certificate

    Every builder is obliged to keep an energy certificate for the new house. The energy certificate must already be submitted with the building application for the building permit - after completion of the building it must be checked and, if necessary, updated. be adjusted. You will find all information about the requirement certificate, consumer certificate, who issues energy certificates, the obligations of the building owner and the costs incurred in this article.

    energy efficiency
  • Building application

    We present all the forms you need for a building application. From building specifications to area calculations and drainage plans.

  • Preliminary building applications

    As a builder, you should submit a preliminary building application. Here, even before the start of construction, the most important issues can be legally secured. Read here why it is worthwhile and what questions you should ask.

  • The land register and the land charge

    Only with the corresponding entry in the land register does a property change hands. In addition, the land charge entered in the land register is the most common security for construction financing loans. Entries in the land register are subject to a fee. In this article you will find all the important information about the land register and land charge.

  • Insurance during construction: fire shell insurance, construction work insurance, builder’s liability insurance

    You can find out here which types of insurance are necessary for your construction project.

  • Read the development plan and finally understand it

    The development plan has a decisive influence on the construction project. Because it is a technical document, laypeople can hardly understand it. Therefore, in this article we explain what the abbreviations, terms and symbols in the development plan are all about.

  • Construction planning part II

    Our fictional couple Sarah and Tom have to deal with the legal aspects of building a house. This second part deals with the construction site equipment, the building acceptance and the reporting of defects.

  • Do builders need building supervision?

    When building a house, mistakes and coordination difficulties between the companies involved and the craftsmen often occur during the construction phase. This can lead to significant extra costs due to construction defects and construction delays. In order to prevent this risk, building owners can optionally commission a building supervision. You can find out more about building supervision and the associated services and costs in this article.

  • Construction planning part 1

    Our fictional couple Sarah and Tom have to deal with the legal aspects of building a house. This first part deals with the building application, the preliminary building application and the right of withdrawal.

  • Construction planning part III

    Our fictional couple Sarah and Tom have to deal with the legal aspects of building a house. This third and final part deals with the addition of a garage and legal issues after the couple separated and Tom moved out.

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