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  • ADJUVANDO senior service provider

    ADJUVANDO offers seniors a combination of barrier-free living space design and personal service. In this way, living in your own four walls should be possible even in old age.

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  • The winter garden – The feel-good extra

    Let the sunshine in - Who realizes a winter garden already during the building of a house, does not have to tear down walls afterwards. There are several types of conservatories, and the residential conservatory is a very special extension of living space. Although the glazing potentiates the radiant energy of the sun, heating is still required - for best usability and preservation of the building fabric. In this article, find out about all the types, methods of construction and features of a winter garden.

  • Build cottage

    Saving is not worthwhile at present in view of the ECB's low interest rate policy. On the other hand, the favorable construction loans make building more affordable than ever. If you have always thought about a vacation home, you should realize it now. It promises not only beautiful vacations, but also represents an excellent investment - read more in this article!

  • Upcycling wood

    Do it Yourself - DIY - is currently on everyone's lips. In addition, the upcycling of wood promises the useful recycling of waste wood. We show what you can do yourself. In addition, professional furniture makers are more and more committed to this trend and create high-quality furniture from reclaimed wood. Learn more in this article!

  • Build with an assembly

    Building with an assembly allows builders to save on costs, but they also have to accept many compromises. While in a building community each party has their own condominium after construction, the goal of a residential project is to live together after construction.

  • Do you want to build a mud house?

    The building material clay ensures an ideal indoor climate. In addition, clay is environmentally friendly, thermally insulating and ideal for allergy sufferers, as the building material filters pollutants and fine dust from the room air. In this article you can find out how clay is used and what costs builders have to reckon with.

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  • Building a terrace: the most important questions

    A terrace serves as a perfect extension of the living space in summer. It enhances your house and garden. With the terrace, you offer your family plenty of space for pleasant hours in the warm season. Building a terrace is therefore worthwhile. Think carefully beforehand about what you expect from your terrace. Then you also […]

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