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Modern windows: window frames, glazing, burglary protection and cost

Windows provide natural light in the living rooms and fresh air. Both factors are essentially responsible for the well-being and health of the residents. Beautiful windows enhance a house architecturally, and if builders also pay attention to secure glazing and frames when planning windows, they can significantly reduce the risk of burglary.

the essentials in brief

On the first floor, windows of resistance class RC 2 are recommended because of the protection against burglary. After all, 80% of burglars enter the house through the window.

Window frames made of aluminum and wood combine the advantages of both materials.

Multiple glazed windows increase sound insulation and insulating capacity.

Anti-burglary protection of the windows

80% of burglars enter the house through a window. No wonder, then, that for many builders security plays an important role in the selection of their windows. There are seven different resistance classes: RC 1 N, RC 2 N, RC 2, RC 3, RC 4, RC 5, RC 6. For single-family houses, terraced houses and apartments, windows of resistance classes RC 1 N to RC 3 are usually used. In order not to take a risk, the police advises the use of RC-2 windows on the lower floors.

Window hardware connects the window frame with the window sash. Fittings equipped with mushroom-headed pins prevent the window sash from being levered out, for example, in the event of a burglary. If you try to do it anyway, the pins attached to the window sash will get caught with the locking parts mounted on the frame.

Mushroom-headed hardware, sturdy P4A glazing and a lockable window handle make it very difficult for burglars to break in through the closed windows. If the building owners have an even higher need for security, for example, because there are particularly valuable objects in the house, the use of windows of resistance class RC 3 can also be useful. On all higher floors, where burglars could reach the windows only with the help of ladders or other climbing aid, the use of RC-1-N windows is sufficient. Learn more about burglary protection here.

Window frames: Wooden, plastic and aluminum windows

Window frames made of plastic or aluminum and wood are the most popular options among builders. Plastic has the advantage that, after appropriate temperatures have been reached, it can be formed into any desired shape. It also allows insulation chamber systems to be integrated into the window frame. These are filled with suitable insulating materials and thus provide very good thermal insulation.

Facade with windows
Plastic, aluminum, wood – what window frame is suitable for them?

Builders who, on the contrary, choose the very weather-resistant window frames made of aluminum and wood, do not have this problem. These windows consist of a wooden frame reinforced on the outside with aluminum profile and also provide good protection against burglars due to their high stability. And also from the point of view of appearance, many builders give preference to aluminum-wood windows over the models made of plastic. However, these advantages also come at a price: the corresponding frames are usually significantly more expensive than their competitors.

Another popular alternative for single-family houses are window frames made only of wood. However, compared to the mixed product of aluminum and wood, they are less resistant to weathering and must be regularly protected by painting against the effects of weather and pest infestation.

Frames made only of aluminum are used mainly in the commercial sector and are rarely found in single-family homes. Aluminum frames are particularly light and weather-resistant, but they perform the weakest in terms of thermal insulation. Aluminum windows, which nevertheless meet the requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance, are particularly expensive.

Glazing: material and quality of window panes

In new buildings, window glass with double or triple glazing is usually used. The additional pane increases the sound insulation and insulating properties of triple-glazed windows. For this reason, windows with quadruple glazing are often used for passive houses. Modern windows are usually equipped with thermal insulation glazing. In contrast to the predecessor insulating glass, the thermal insulation glass is coated with an ultra-thin metal layer (Low-E) and the space between the panes is filled with inert gas. This prevents the room heat from escaping and at the same time guarantees sufficient light transmission. All types of windows can be additionally equipped with, for example, mushroom-headed hardware for burglary protection.

For rooms where more privacy is desired, builders can have ornaments incorporated into the window glass or apply privacy film themselves at a later date.

What windows are modern now?

The biggest window trend in recent years is undoubtedly large glass fronts and floor-to-ceiling windows, where the windowsill is often converted into a seating area. Energetically, there is nothing wrong with large window areas, since modern windows can provide sufficient insulation through double or even triple glazing. Nevertheless, building owners should do some soul-searching before planning their windows and consider how much insight they want to allow into their private living areas. It would be annoying if the beautiful windows end up being covered with curtains again. A clear plus for floor-to-ceiling windows on the first floor is the direct connection to the terrace or garden when the windows are open in summer. However, most of the light enters the house through high windows or skylights. Sufficient daylight is essential for healthy living and also saves energy from artificial electric light. (Learn how to properly ventilate and avoid mistakes in this article).

Modern windows with sitting area
Modern windows with sitting area

How much do the windows cost?

The cost of the frame material

Cost (∅) per frame

Cost of the material for the window panes

double glazingtriple glazingBurglary protection RC 2 (additional)
Price (∅) per window pane95€150€300€

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