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Modern design

Close your eyes and ask yourself: what does my dream house look like?

The answers of would-be builders are often surprisingly similar: both the loner and the couple who have just fallen in love dream of a large garden. The individualist wants just as much storage space as the single mother. And everyone loves light: sunlight, warm light, natural light. It should radiate generously and illuminate the rooms. In addition, the dream house should of course be practical and sustainable. Inexpensive in construction and planning, but of good quality. And, of course, the perfect house must also be tailored to the individual needs of its builder: it should not be an off-the-shelf house, but leave room for creative design wishes. One type of house that can fulfill all of these desires is the modern house: With its large variety of architectural models, it gives each character their very own domestic happiness. For example Lisa, Markus and Felix.

the essentials in brief

Different house types can be summarized under the “modern house”.

Common features are the modern design and advanced construction techniques.

The sustainable architectural style saves heating and electricity costs.

The modern house – sustainable on a modern floor plan

The house of the young entrepreneur Lisa plays with different building materials. The white facade is framed by the solid wooden posts that give the house its basic cubic structure. The floor plan is practically designed. The rooms are optimally cut, so that the usable area of the two-storey single-family house is very large: “Big enough for my boyfriend and me, our children and whatever else may come,” says Lisa with a smile.

Lisa didn’t just like the modern design because of the look, which is both practical and beautiful. But above all because of its sustainability: The modern house convinces with a very good energy balance . Advanced thermal insulation and efficient heating save the family a lot of money every year – and also ensure an ecologically clear conscience. The compost in your own garden does the rest.

Bauhaus at dusk
Detached house in modern style

The modern house – also individual!

Markus has also found happiness in building a modern house. Unlike Lisa, however, he placed more value on his individual ideas. Although his house was prefabricated, most of his wishes could be implemented. The advanced construction techniques also allowed the client to construct more elaborate constructions – and that more cost-effectively than with an architect ‘s house. His house is characterized by a lot of wood . A striking feature is the magnificently curved spiral staircase that leads to the second floor: Here, the floor-to-ceiling windows invite the sunlight in.

Accessibility on the ground floor was also indispensable for Markus: “I would still like to live here as an old man. That’s why accessibility was super important to me – and not a problem.”


  • low electricity and heating costs thanks to advanced technology
  • different models offer creative space for individual design
  • is offered as a prefabricated and solid house variant


  • the attribute energy efficient is often an advertising trap these days and doesn’t always keep what it promises
  • high quality standard, therefore rather expensive
  • Older people find it difficult to use a smart home

Modern house, modern technology

Felix’s home is particularly modern: his house not only has modern architecture and a sustainable living concept. It benefits both from the progressive construction techniques and from the technology itself: Felix lives in a smart home . This means that the blinds in his home can be synchronized with the cell phone alarm clock so that he is woken up in the morning by the sunlight. The coffee machine then automatically brews fresh coffee and the water for a warm shower is heated.

A smart home offers numerous convenient facilities for everyday life. The residents themselves decide how many of these they want to use and which technical systems they prefer to leave switched off.

In addition to practical gimmicks, the smart house of the modern age also intelligently saves energy: a forgotten light, for example, is automatically switched off by the system. The temperature is regulated according to presets. In this way, heating is economical and efficient. The system not only pays attention to the temperature, but also to the humidity in the room: This also increases the feel-good atmosphere in your home. And when it comes to security, the smart home also offers new possibilities, for example protection against burglars.

With the modern design, every builder can meet his individual needs and wishes. What all models have in common is that they shine with their modern design as well as their sustainability.

Autorin Sarah Völkl

Sarah Völkl hat Architektur studiert und ist seit Jahren das Gesicht von a better place. Mit ihren Videos ist sie bei YouTube vielen Personen schon länger bekannt. Sarah teilt Ihr Wissen jetzt auch bei den Bautipps von Almondia.

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