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  • Evaluate financing offers

    The first major decision before building your own home is financing. In order to be able to efficiently evaluate the financing offers from their bank, builders should pay attention to the term of the fixed interest rate, possibilities for special payments and the absolute total construction costs. In this article we explain which criteria you can use to find satisfactory mortgage lending!

  • Home construction financing to count

    Equity must be contributed to most construction financing models. In this article, we explain how much equity capital must be when building a house, how it is calculated and what the annual and monthly financing rate is all about.

  • Check electricity provider

    Of course it is annoying to pay more with your own electricity provider than with the competition. Too attractive offers often have a catch. In this article, we explain which factors you should definitely pay attention to when comparing prices from different electricity providers.

    energy efficiency
  • Modern design

    Lisa, Markus and Felix have fulfilled their dream of owning their own home by building a modern house. While Lisa opted for a practical floor plan, Markus used wood as the building material for the construction of his modern house. Using the example of the three builders, we explain how you can build a modern house according to your ideas.

  • active house

    The idea for the series production of active houses came from the B10 research project. The sustainably built active houses are now available in the cheaper 700 series and the high-quality 800 series. In this article, we explain how the construction of an active house works and what costs builders have to reckon with.

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  • Building with an architect

    The construction of an architect's house can be associated with higher costs, but it enables builders to implement their individual wishes. Here we explain the advantages and disadvantages of building with an architect and who it is suitable for.

  • Tips for self-services when building a house

    Own work in building a house takes up your own time and requires manual skills. In order to be able to estimate what you can do yourself when building a house, builders should be aware of how much time and skill they can muster or how much support comes from their circle of friends. After that, the appropriate expansion stage can be selected in order to save money on construction costs.

    expansion stage
  • Prefab or solid construction: what are the advantages and disadvantages?

    The prefabricated house and the solid construction differ not only in price. Design options, construction time, subsequent operating costs and resale value also play a major role for almost all builders. We have therefore compiled the most important advantages and disadvantages of prefabricated houses and solid construction here for you.

    massive houseprefab
  • Affordable building and living

    Many people want more affordable housing in cities. But in order to be able to live affordable, you first have to build affordable. This article discusses measures to save construction costs and explains where it is worth investing.

  • Calculate prefabricated house prices correctly

    Keeping track of the many different prices and offers for prefabricated houses can be a real challenge. We explain which expansion level suits your needs and how the KfW efficiency levels 55, 40 and 40+ affect the overall price of the prefabricated house.

  • How much equity is needed for secure construction financing?

    In this article, we explain why builders should stay away from home financing without equity and give you a rule of thumb that you can use to calculate the equity needed to finance your home. By the way: If you want to fulfill your dream of owning your own home with little equity, a prefabricated house could be the right solution for you.

  • Cost traps when building a house

    There is a lot to consider when building your first home. It is all the more annoying when builders are surprised by cost traps or when construction is even delayed. In order to be able to look forward to a smooth house construction, we have compiled the most common cost traps in this article and explained how you can avoid them.

  • Why does a passive house cost more?

    The additional costs when building a house when you decide on a passive house are mainly made up of three factors: Insulation, heating and ventilation drive up the construction costs. We explain why these three measures are so important and what benefits you can enjoy from them.

    Build sustainablyenergy efficiency
  • Ventilate properly and avoid mistakes

    Airing is not just airing: It makes a big difference whether it is summer or winter, whether you are airing in the basement or in the bedrooms. Since fresh air is crucial for healthy living, we have created a table with all the DOs and DON'Ts for correct ventilation.

  • Save construction costs with the right expansion stage

    By choosing a lower expansion level, you can save a lot of construction costs. But not all personal contributions are equally worthwhile or feasible for everyone. What requirements should you bring with you and what are the risks of doing your own work?

    expansion stageprefab
  • Home financing

    When financing your own home, it can quickly happen that you lose sight of some cost items that, in the worst case, endanger the entire construction project later on. In order to avoid nasty surprises, we have summarized the three most important factors with which you can organize the financing of your own home smoothly.

  • Turnkey, ready for technology or ready to expand – what does that mean?

    Most providers use the terms turnkey, technology-ready and ready-to-build for the expansion stages of solid and prefabricated houses. Although there is no binding definition, in the following article we explain what many providers mean by turnkey, technology-ready or ready-to-build house.

  • The solid house prefabricated house

    More and more builders are choosing to build a massive prefab house. We explain the most important features of the solid house in prefabricated construction and which advantages of both worlds will benefit you.

    massive houseprefab
  • House reflected in the water

    passive houses

    A passive house is more expensive to build than other houses. In return, it consumes up to 90% less energy, which saves on heating costs. To make the decision easier for prospective builders, we have compiled the most important pros and cons for building a passive house here.

    Build sustainablyenergy efficiency
  • wooden house on the beach

    The dream of a wooden house

    Wooden houses have many ecological, planning and health advantages during the construction phase and after moving in. In this article we have summarized the main differences between the different variants of wooden houses for you. We also explain how builders can best protect their log house or home built in timber frame or timber panel construction from environmental influences.

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