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Building in Brandenburg

Brandenburg undoubtedly offers a lot of potential for builders – both in terms of landscape and price. To choose the right region for the future plot, builders should know all the options.

When it comes to building their own home, it’s not just many former Berliners who are drawn to the surrounding area of Brandenburg. In addition to the desire for tranquility and closeness to nature, the more favorable prices compared to the inner city area are a particular incentive for future builders.

However, real bargains can still be found in Brandenburg, especially in the rural areas further away from Berlin.

The following tips on building in Brandenburg show how those interested in building can find the right plot for their particular needs and wishes.

the essentials in brief
It doesn’t matter whether it’s in Berlin’s environs or in Brandenburg’s rural areas: Properties in the northeastern regions are usually less expensive than those in the southwestern ones.

The most affordable plots in Brandenburg can be found in the Uckermark region.

Smaller municipalities in particular often publish newly advertised building plots on their websites.

Building in the Berlin environs

People who have previously lived in Berlin in particular often want a house as close to the city as possible so that they don’t have to commute too far to work, their circle of friends in Berlin or cultural activities in the city. It is therefore no wonder that the demand for vacant land in the so-called Speckgürtel, i.e. the Brandenburg communities directly bordering Berlin, has risen steadily in recent years. But again, location makes a big difference in the ultimate price of the construction project. While a single-family home in the southwestern town of Kleinmachnow, for example, costs an average of more than half a million euros, builders in the northern and eastern regions around Berlin pay only a good half.

Building in Brandenburg cities

Living in Brandenburg, but still in a city – Potsdam and Brandenburg an der Havel are the two most popular alternatives for city dwellers who do not want to live in Berlin. The state capital Potsdam, in particular, is in no way inferior to Berlin in terms of price. While an average single-family home with 130 square meters of living space and 600 square meters of floor space in Berlin costs around half a million euros, builders in Potsdam have to put an average of €450,000 on the table. Prices are more favorable in Brandenburg an der Havel. For the described single-family house builders pay here about 350 000€. Of course, the price is always decisively influenced by the size and location of the property. The cost of building the house, that is, building materials and craftsmen’s work, hardly varies.

Building in rural areas

Living in the countryside also offers many advantages: large plots of land with gardens, plenty of peace and quiet or walks in nature. If you don’t want to miss all that, you should look around in the rural regions of Brandenburg. Compared to properties in the Berlin area or in Potsdam, there are still real bargains to be had here.

A single-family home costs an average of €220,000 in Havelland, which borders directly on Berlin. Prices in the Uckermark region in northeastern Brandenburg are the most favorable overall. A single-family house here costs an average of €160,000.

As a rule, builders find a vacant lot in the countryside with much less difficulty than in the city. For example, many municipalities publish newly advertised building plots on their websites.

Building in the Berlin area: Brandenburg still offers many building plots
A house in the countryside and yet with proximity to the city


Brandenburg is not just Brandenburg. Potsdam is just as expensive as Berlin when it comes to building land. The Speckgürtel around Berlin is also more popular than ever, because here the advantages of rural life can be lived in catchment proximity to the big city. The northeast is generally less expensive than the southwest, and the Uckermark is the least expensive region. Nevertheless, the development is not yet complete and bargains can therefore still be made in all regions of Brandenburg – even in the vicinity of Berlin.

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