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wooden panels

The way into your own four walls – a dream of many people, which is also increasingly being put into practice. The change from tenant to your own homeowner is a big step that requires both financial and structural preparations so that your own four walls really become a place of well-being. For this reason, you should obtain as much information and tips as possible on the construction in advance.

the essentials in brief

Building knowledge that is as extensive as possible, a realistic view of one’s own financial possibilities and good building planning are the prerequisites for a successful house building process.

Wooden panels for cladding walls and ceilings can make your home look particularly cozy.

Always make sure that you have the right battens and installation tools for the wooden panels.

Optimum planning as the perfect cornerstone

A realistic planning of your own financial possibilities forms the basis for an uncomplicated construction process. Because only with well thought-out financial planning can you design your own four walls in such a way that you can enjoy life in them without financial worries at the end of the construction phase. Once you know how much house you can afford, you need to plan for it. Configurations for creating a house are suitable for the first illustration of your own ideas.

Wooden panels as a feel-good factor in the new dream house

In all considerations about the type, size and layout of the house, the furnishings within the four walls should always be included in the planning, at least mentally. Because at some point this work will also be due and often bring the actual feel-good factor to the new home. Here, the walls and ceilings are the most important basis for a cozy interior .

The material wood always creates an atmosphere of well-being in every variant.

The material wood , which always and in every variant creates a pleasant atmosphere, is particularly attractive. There are a wide variety of options, especially for walls and ceilings. There are both wall and ceiling panels in a wide variety of sizes and widths, and the colors also offer a wide variety. From white wooden panels to natural wooden decor panels, there is a style to suit every taste. The offer of free color and decor samples can be of great importance in the final selection. You can often only really imagine certain designs live and ultimately your wood panels should look good in the house and not just in the catalogue. In addition, when ordering wooden panels, you should always make sure that all the necessary materials are included or can be ordered. Because only if, in addition to the panels, you also have the correspondingly important strips for a great transition and a suitable installation tool at hand, will the new cladding for the wall or ceiling become a real highlight in the new house.

Autorin Sarah Völkl

Sarah Völkl hat Architektur studiert und ist seit Jahren das Gesicht von a better place. Mit ihren Videos ist sie bei YouTube vielen Personen schon länger bekannt. Sarah teilt Ihr Wissen jetzt auch bei den Bautipps von Almondia.
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