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Construction diary part 9

There are many hurdles to overcome when planning and building a home. Almondia supports future homeowners in all important decisions on their way to their own home. So does the Steinert family. In May, the young family decided to take the exciting step of building a house together with Almondia. In this construction diary, we regularly report on personal experiences, decision-making processes, mastered challenges and Almondia’s support throughout the planning and construction phase. Whether looking for a property, financing concept or room allocation – read here how the Steinert family finds a suitable solution for every challenge together with Almondia. Read about the hurdles in obtaining a building permit here.

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The choice of construction company had been made, the contract signed and the Steinert family could hardly wait for the groundbreaking ceremony. But before any construction could begin, the building permit had to be on the table. And that usually takes longer than you think…

building permit

If you need a building permit, you have to present the building plan to your neighbor. If the neighbor agrees to the construction project, he can no longer defend himself afterwards. But even if the neighbor refuses to sign the construction plan, the building permit authority can approve the construction project. Now the neighbor still has the opportunity to object to the building permit. Since this objection has a “suspensive effect”, the start of construction will be delayed until the building permit authority has made a decision. (In our article on building permit processes, we explain which one is right for your project.)

Preparation is half the battle

Plans, building specifications and various forms of evidence – a building application consists of more than just a form. But thanks to the support of ECOBAU , compiling the documents was not a problem for the Steinert family.

“It was definitely a great relief that the developer took care of everything.”

The competent construction partner prepared all the necessary documents, including technical drawings and reports, and put together a clear application folder for the prospective homeowners.

The Steinert family’s only job was to knock on the neighbors’ door with the folder under their arm and get their signature for your building project. At the same time, the Steinert family used this opportunity to introduce themselves to the neighbors and to lay the foundation for a good neighborhood. (We have compiled further information on the building application and the associated documents for you in our article Building projects approved .)

If you want to build, you need a permit

In the municipality of Pforzen, the members of the municipal council decide on the approval of building applications. However, the committee wanted to take a well-deserved summer break, which is why the Steinert family had to hurry to submit the complete application in good time before the last meeting. Since the company ECOBAU had prepared the building application perfectly, the application was of course approved and about four weeks later the Steinert family had the approval notice in their mailbox. (Preliminary building inquiries give builders planning security – you can find out when it is worth making preliminary building inquiries in our article.)

This is how Almondia helps

In the event that your construction company does not have a clear view of which documents are required for a complete building application or you are unsure about the formalities you need to complete – simply contact Almondia! Of course, we will help you to compile all the necessary documents for a successful approval notice in a timely manner.

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