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  • Building permit procedure

    When is a less extensive building permit process possible? And which construction project does not require a building permit? We answer these and other questions here.

  • build a granny flat

    Have you decided to incorporate a separate living unit into your house, a so-called granny flat ? Congratulations! To guide you on your way to building a granny flat, we’ve broken the process down into five easy-to-follow phases. So you can relax and be perfectly prepared for the concrete planning.

  • Please note: distance area calculation!

    Anyone who builds must adhere to numerous rules and specifications, because even on their own property , you are far from allowed to do what you want. Rules on required distances to other buildings and property boundaries are particularly important.

  • Roof shapes at a glance

    The roof has not only functional value, but also determines the character of the house. It does not always have to be the classic gable or hip roof; monopitch and tent roofs are also becoming more common. The agony of choice: to facilitate this, in this article you will find in detail all the forms of roofs and their specifics.

  • Building application

    We present all the forms you need for a building application. From building specifications to area calculations and drainage plans.

  • Preliminary building applications

    As a builder, you should submit a preliminary building application. Here, even before the start of construction, the most important issues can be legally secured. Read here why it is worthwhile and what questions you should ask.

  • Air, light and sun

    How windows can support your natural biorhythm, how you can save energy and what an ecological window looks like, we have summarized for you here.

  • The land register and the land charge

    Only with the corresponding entry in the land register does a property change hands. In addition, the land charge entered in the land register is the most common security for construction financing loans. Entries in the land register are subject to a fee. In this article you will find all the important information about the land register and land charge.

  • Shell house: how long does it take to build?

    The shell of the house is comparable to the skeleton of the human body. It gives shape and stability to your home, so its correct execution is particularly important. In this article we describe how long the shell construction time is and which structural trades are involved.

    expansion stage
  • Division of the property

    Read this article to find out how to divide up your property sensibly. Here you will find ideas for aligning and placing your house, patio and everything else that belongs to your property.

  • Insurance during construction: fire shell insurance, construction work insurance, builder’s liability insurance

    You can find out here which types of insurance are necessary for your construction project.

  • ETICS – How do you insulate?

    In order to meet the requirements of the EnEV and save energy at the same time, you as the builder have to decide on a suitable insulation variant. The most widespread are thermal insulation composite systems – better known as ETICS. Here you can find out the advantages and disadvantages of this form of insulation […]

    energy efficiency
  • floor plan planning

    With the floor plan, builders decide how the rooms should be arranged in their future dream house. To do this, they should consider which rooms are used the most and how much space different activities and people need. In this article, we explain which aspects you should pay attention to when planning the floor plan in order to prevent costly conversions afterwards.

  • Building line, building line, land area that can be built on? You need to know

    Even if you own a piece of land, you are not allowed to build your house anywhere. Construction line and building line limit the decision-making scope of the builder-owner, so that the future dream house does not conflict with urban planning.

  • Life cycle costs of a building

    In this article, we will show you how you can take energy consumption into account and minimize it as early as the planning phase in order to save life cycle costs in the long term.

    energy efficiency
  • Read the development plan and finally understand it

    The development plan has a decisive influence on the construction project. Because it is a technical document, laypeople can hardly understand it. Therefore, in this article we explain what the abbreviations, terms and symbols in the development plan are all about.

  • How much equity is needed for secure construction financing?

    In this article, we explain why builders should stay away from home financing without equity and give you a rule of thumb that you can use to calculate the equity needed to finance your home. By the way: If you want to fulfill your dream of owning your own home with little equity, a prefabricated house could be the right solution for you.

  • Construction planning part II

    Our fictional couple Sarah and Tom have to deal with the legal aspects of building a house. This second part deals with the construction site equipment, the building acceptance and the reporting of defects.

  • Do builders need building supervision?

    When building a house, mistakes and coordination difficulties between the companies involved and the craftsmen often occur during the construction phase. This can lead to significant extra costs due to construction defects and construction delays. In order to prevent this risk, building owners can optionally commission a building supervision. You can find out more about building supervision and the associated services and costs in this article.

  • Cellar construction – yes or no? You should pay attention to this

    A basement is practical in many ways and increases the market value of the house. But what are the costs associated with a basement and what about the construction company doing the work? All you need to know here!

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