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Architectural style city villa

A spacious house in the countryside? You don’t necessarily have to move to the country for this. The urban villa architectural style combines the advantages of urban and rural life. Whether it’s a Mediterranean Tuscany villa or a modern, sober Bauhaus style, all design preferences can be reflected in this house. In this article we will explain exactly where its advantages and disadvantages lie.

the essentials in brief

  • The city villa is an elaborately designed house with a spacious floor area.
  • Despite its proximity to the city, the villa offers its residents a quiet retreat.
  • Outstanding quality and high-quality furnishings ensure a high level of living comfort.
  • Plots of land near the city are rare and expensive, making the city villa one of the more expensive house types.

Mansion style luxury

The term villa originally comes from Roman antiquity and at that time referred to a representative country house or manor house that was intended to serve as a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. The wealthy upper middle class had the same idea in the 19th century, when they had rows of second homes or country houses built on the outskirts of the cities and thus coined the term city villa. Ongoing urbanization and the growth of cities have ensured that these apartment buildings are now in fairly central locations. Who does not know her? Spacious old buildings with elaborate facade design, columns flanking the entrance, maybe even a turret.
Modern city villas are much simpler: cubic floor plan, two full floors crowned by a gently sloping hipped or tented roof. In general, there is no one architectural style for a city villa. You can also see variants with a Mediterranean design and traditional stylistic elements or the clear, linear design language of a Bauhaus city villa.

Modern villa

Country house flair and urban character

What all city villas have in common, however, is the good connection to the urban infrastructure, short distances to work, school and leisure activities. On the spacious property, the residents of a city villa enjoy maximum privacy and opportunities for free development, the neighboring property is usually far enough away. This is why the architectural style is so popular, especially among families with children. The spacious floor plan offers enough space for all residents of the house later on, due to the distance to the neighbors, the children can also romp around in the garden without having to worry about the noise. Extensions to the structure in the form of extensions are usually possible without any problems.


  • a large plot offers play area for the children and privacy
  • very comfortable living experience
  • great creative freedom
  • Extensions and conversions are possible without any problems
City villa with garden

Stately home, stately price

However, this privilege comes at a price. The currently tense real estate situation is driving up prices, especially for urban real estate, so that the dream of representative living close to the city is thwarted by the financial realities. But the city villa itself is also more expensive in direct comparison to a conventional single-family house. The planning and construction phase are more complex and the city villa is also not for small purses when it comes to maintenance and renovation. Roof surfaces and facades are already expensive due to their sheer dimensions, the subsequent thermal insulation does not necessarily make the whole thing cheaper. The ancillary construction costs must not be neglected either. Large lots are all well and good, but increase access routes and associated costs. If the manorial garden is not to turn into a jungle thicket, it needs regular maintenance. Here too, if not with costs, then at least with effort that the house owners have to invest.


  • large plots of land near the city are rare, and the land prices are correspondingly high
  • high construction costs as well as high maintenance and renovation costs: all in all the most expensive building

Suitable for

  • young couples who want to have children
  • families, several generations

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The urban villa style offers maximum comfort and space for free development, but it also has its price. Ultimately, you have to examine and weigh all the factors yourself.

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