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  • Is building savings still worthwhile?

    In view of the generally low interest rates, the building savings contract is often no longer the appropriate form of credit for building a house. But for future modernizations, for example, a building savings contract can still be advantageous today. Find out here how building savings works, what advantages it has and when it is still worthwhile today.

  • Tree trunks - different types of wood next to each other

    Native tree and wood species

    Wood as a building material is considered to be ecologically valuable and wooden houses are increasing in popularity. However, wood is also used, for example, in furniture construction and in the paper industry. In this article you will learn what species of trees and wood in this country and what they are used for.

    Build sustainably
  • Woman taking notes

    Finding a construction company: 6 decisive criteria for the right choice

    It is not easy to find the construction company that suits the individual house building project. When comparing construction companies, it depends on the cost, experience and specialization, preferred building materials used, the specific content of the construction contract, but also regionality and trust. Also particularly important are testimonials from people who have already worked with the construction company. Our construction company checklist clarifies what to look out for!

  • Blank wall what ancillary construction costs?

    Single-shell or double-shell? The solid house exterior wall

    Solid houses are available with single- or double-skin exterior walls. The types of construction have different characteristics in terms of cost, insulation, sound insulation, etc.. Find out everything you need to know about it here!

  • Dates for start of construction and completion

    Often, construction contracts already have defects. It is important that the dates for the start and completion of construction are fixed in a contractually flawless manner. This creates planning reliability and financial security in the event of delays. Learn everything you need to know about it here.

  • ETICS layers

    Vapor barrier, vapor barrier, diffusion – exterior wall in the prefabricated house

    The exterior walls of prefabricated houses can be constructed with different vapor retarders and insulation materials. But what is it actually about diffusion-open walls? Find out everything about vapor barriers, vapor retarders and diffusion openness here.

  • The new law on contracts for work and services

    As of January 1, 2018, a number of new provisions will apply to construction contracts as part of a reform of the law on contracts for work and services. The new law on contracts for work and services is intended to strengthen consumers' rights in the face of home construction, which is associated with risks. In this article you will learn all about the background and the individual provisions that matter when building a house.

  • The construction site equipment

    Construction site equipment is regulated by the Construction Site Ordinance (BaustellV). Optimal construction site equipment is important for the protection of workers, adjacent buildings and the environment, but also for the progress of the construction. The relationship between effort and cost-effectiveness must be taken into account. In principle, the client is responsible for the proper set-up of the construction site. Here you can find out what to look out for and which aspects are part of the construction site set-up.

  • The most important pitfalls in the construction contract

    With regard to the drafting of the construction contract, the construction company often has an advantage over the owner, because construction companies know all the tricks of the trade. Aspects such as fixed price, start of construction, bill of quantities, etc. are then often interpreted unilaterally to the disadvantage of the builder. Track down the pitfalls in construction contracts with us in this article!

  • The Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV)

    The Energy Saving Ordinance - EnEV - sets binding standards with regard to energy efficiency. Here, construction methods such as insulation and building services come into play, but also the electricity mix with regard to the energy balance. In addition, building owners are required to maintain an energy certificate. Find out about the background and provisions of the EnEV 2014 in this article.

    Build sustainablyenergy efficiency
  • House building as a capital investment and retirement provision

    House construction is cheaper than ever. Saving is not worth it. Home construction as an alternative strategy for retirement planning.

  • Build a house or buy a house? All advantages and disadvantages at a glance

    There are many aspects to consider when weighing between building a home and buying a home. In this article you will find all the advantages and disadvantages of building and buying a house.

  • The energy certificate

    Every builder is obliged to keep an energy certificate for the new house. The energy certificate must already be submitted with the building application for the building permit - after completion of the building it must be checked and, if necessary, updated. be adjusted. You will find all information about the requirement certificate, consumer certificate, who issues energy certificates, the obligations of the building owner and the costs incurred in this article.

    energy efficiency
  • The house building checklist

    When building a house, it is important to have all aspects in mind from the very beginning. However, construction projects are highly complex. Fortunately, our home building checklist is available for an initial overview, so you can then delve into the details with confidence.

  • Loans for construction financing

    Annuity loans, building society loans, full financing, subsidized loans, subsidies - who can keep track of them all? We explain the most important credit models for construction financing. And also, what other options are available for financing and raising capital for home construction.

  • The winter garden – The feel-good extra

    Let the sunshine in - Who realizes a winter garden already during the building of a house, does not have to tear down walls afterwards. There are several types of conservatories, and the residential conservatory is a very special extension of living space. Although the glazing potentiates the radiant energy of the sun, heating is still required - for best usability and preservation of the building fabric. In this article, find out about all the types, methods of construction and features of a winter garden.

  • Build cottage

    Saving is not worthwhile at present in view of the ECB's low interest rate policy. On the other hand, the favorable construction loans make building more affordable than ever. If you have always thought about a vacation home, you should realize it now. It promises not only beautiful vacations, but also represents an excellent investment - read more in this article!

  • A garage according to your needs

    When building a house, it is best to plan the garage at the same time. The garage can be more than a safe place for the car, because it is also a hobby and storage space if designed accordingly. There are lightweight prefabricated garages and solid stone garages, as well as different gates and roof shapes. Get an overview in this article!

  • Upcycling wood

    Do it Yourself - DIY - is currently on everyone's lips. In addition, the upcycling of wood promises the useful recycling of waste wood. We show what you can do yourself. In addition, professional furniture makers are more and more committed to this trend and create high-quality furniture from reclaimed wood. Learn more in this article!

  • Ventilation systems

    Ventilation systems are especially important for houses with sophisticated insulation. They provide good air, preserve the building fabric and create a good living environment for allergy sufferers. In addition, ventilation systems with heat recovery make ecological sense - at the same time they are easy on the wallet, as heating costs are much lower. Find out about all aspects of centralized and decentralized ventilation systems with or without heat recovery in this article.

    energy efficiency