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  • It all comes down to optimal roof insulation

    If you want to ensure sustainable and energy-efficient insulation of your roof, there is no way around roof insulation. Find out what options are available to you to improve your home’s energy performance and what to consider when deciding to insulate your roof here. Why good roof insulation is important Suitable insulation for roofs is […]

  • Bungalow vs. multi-storey house – advantages and disadvantages at a glance.

    Many builders imagine the construction of a house in the years before still relatively simple. Butalready so that the construction can start at all, a lot of time must be spent on the search for answers tobasic questions are used – for example, with regard to the location of the house, theConstruction method and the […]

  • What is the cost of a prefabricated house?

    Are you thinking about realizing your dream of owning your own home and planning to build a house? You have probably already informed yourself about basic questions and made some initial decisions. One of the most fundamental questions when building a house is first of all deciding which construction method you want to choose – […]

  • The house on the slope – properly planned

    Crammed by neighboring houses right and left, front and back? The line of sight is just ten meters? There is an alternative to this: the house on the slope. It promises a different perspective, namely the view of a panoramic landscape spread out in front of the elevated position. This explains why a hillside property […]

  • Shell house: how long does it take to build?

    The shell of the house is comparable to the skeleton of the human body. It gives shape and stability to your home, so its correct execution is particularly important. In this article we describe how long the shell construction time is and which structural trades are involved.

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  • build a granny flat

    Have you decided to incorporate a separate living unit into your house, a so-called granny flat ? Congratulations! To guide you on your way to building a granny flat, we’ve broken the process down into five easy-to-follow phases. So you can relax and be perfectly prepared for the concrete planning.

  • Where to find inspiration for your dream home

    It's always good to let your ideas run free beforehand, which is then followed by the specification and appropriate combination of individual structural elements. In this article, we present six good architecture websites that can serve as a source of ideas and inspiration for builders to really let off steam in the early planning phase.

  • Modern design

    Lisa, Markus and Felix have fulfilled their dream of owning their own home by building a modern house. While Lisa opted for a practical floor plan, Markus used wood as the building material for the construction of his modern house. Using the example of the three builders, we explain how you can build a modern house according to your ideas.

  • Building with an architect

    The construction of an architect's house can be associated with higher costs, but it enables builders to implement their individual wishes. Here we explain the advantages and disadvantages of building with an architect and who it is suitable for.

  • floor plan planning

    With the floor plan, builders decide how the rooms should be arranged in their future dream house. To do this, they should consider which rooms are used the most and how much space different activities and people need. In this article, we explain which aspects you should pay attention to when planning the floor plan in order to prevent costly conversions afterwards.

  • granny flats

    Multi-generational living or renting out a granny flat? What to look out for and all the pros and cons are in this article.

  • Why does a passive house cost more?

    The additional costs when building a house when you decide on a passive house are mainly made up of three factors: Insulation, heating and ventilation drive up the construction costs. We explain why these three measures are so important and what benefits you can enjoy from them.

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  • house building trends

    Bungalows, multi-generational living, wood as a building material and smart homes are currently particularly popular. What all these trends have in common is that the individual design wishes of builders can be implemented particularly well. Read here for what other reasons these house building fashions are so popular right now.

  • Prefab bungalows in check

    Bungalows offer many advantages for prospective homeowners. Since bungalows are built with only one floor, they are barrier-free and allow an individual room layout. The large roof area is also ideal for the installation of photovoltaic systems. The biggest disadvantage of the bungalow is probably the floor space required compared to multi-storey houses. Find out in this article whether building a bungalow is worthwhile for you.

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  • BeCube

    BeCubes are available in different designs and sizes. Depending on future use, they can be set up as a hobby room or guest house, for example, and are also produced in an ecologically sustainable manner.

  • Save construction costs with the right expansion stage

    By choosing a lower expansion level, you can save a lot of construction costs. But not all personal contributions are equally worthwhile or feasible for everyone. What requirements should you bring with you and what are the risks of doing your own work?

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  • Turnkey, ready for technology or ready to expand – what does that mean?

    Most providers use the terms turnkey, technology-ready and ready-to-build for the expansion stages of solid and prefabricated houses. Although there is no binding definition, in the following article we explain what many providers mean by turnkey, technology-ready or ready-to-build house.

  • The solid house prefabricated house

    More and more builders are choosing to build a massive prefab house. We explain the most important features of the solid house in prefabricated construction and which advantages of both worlds will benefit you.

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  • The perfect lot

    Before looking for a property, there are a number of basic questions that should be clarified. Because when you build a house, you often tie yourself to a certain place for the rest of your life. So what about your wishes - and does the area around a property really correspond to them. Explore this question in this article!

  • House reflected in the water

    passive houses

    A passive house is more expensive to build than other houses. In return, it consumes up to 90% less energy, which saves on heating costs. To make the decision easier for prospective builders, we have compiled the most important pros and cons for building a passive house here.

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