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  • Solar thermal for hot water and heating

    With solar thermal energy, solar energy can be used for sustainable hot water preparation and, to a lesser extent, for heating. Find out in this article about the benefits of solar thermal energy as a sustainable element for the energy balance.

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  • wooden panels

    Wooden panels create a pleasant atmosphere and enhance the interior of the future dream house. Read here what to look out for when choosing wooden panels.

  • Expert tips on photovoltaic systems

    The purchase of a photovoltaic system has a positive effect on the energy balance of your house and is therefore becoming more and more popular among property owners. However, there are significant differences in the far-reaching offer. This article tells you what to consider before you buy.

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  • Heating in front of a turquoise wall: Checking the heaters

    Check heaters

    Gas heating or heat pump? Solar thermal or maybe wood heating? In this article you will find out what options there are for keeping your own house warm and where the respective advantages and disadvantages of the numerous heaters lie.

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  • Tree in your hands: ecological building

    Ecological building

    Several hot topics come together under the heading of ecological building : healthy living , energy efficiency and, last but not least, climate protection. For many years now, the world has been debating global warming and finite resources that we will have used up sooner or, so the quiet hope, later. Again and again we […]

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  • Heat up sustainably with heat pumps

    How does a heat pump work? How efficient is she? And how expensive is the purchase? Get the answers here.

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  • Clearing in the forest - wood or clay as ecological building materials

    Ecological building materials

    What natural building materials are there? How can they be used and which seals of approval are relevant? Read our article on ecological building materials.

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  • solar cell technology

    solar cell technology

    Photovoltaic system - how it works and what you should pay attention to, you can find out in the expert interview with Uwe Biermann.

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  • Photovoltaic systems on the roof

    Expert interview on photovoltaic systems

    Find out here why there are reasons for purchasing a photovoltaic system and how high the costs are.

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